Based on two different structures of
Venturi injector the hydraulic performance for Venturi injector was test, the
minimum inlet pressure required and the formula of the critical velocity of the
throat were put forward to realize absorbing fertilizer under different outlet
pressures. A suitable venturi injector can be selected according to the
determination of throat diameter. (FAN Xing-Ke et al., 2014).

Here by using, C FD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to
simulate the inlet flow field o f the Venturi Injector with one factor, two
factors and three factors experiment design. The relationships between the
structure parameters (pipe diameter, throat length, throat diameter, slot
diameter, slot position) and suction quantity, and the optimal structure
parameters of Venturi Injector were analyzed. The results showed that when the
inlet pressure and the slot position remain unchanged, the suction quantity of
Venturi Injector applicator increases with the reduce of throat diameter and
length, and the increase of slot diameter; while remain the slot diameter,
throat diameter and throat length unchanged, the suction quantity o f Venturi
Injector increases with the increase of inlet pressure; When the slot position
move to right, the suction quantity and inlet pressure of Venturi Injector
reduce. The result s can provide theoretic support for domestic Venturi
Injector research and development. (Wang Miao et al., 2006).

In the integrated water and fertilizer drip irrigation,
the best regulation method of Venturi fertilizer applicator is 32 Mm The
parallel Venturi fertilizer applicator is used to test the pressure
differential by installing three valves in the inlet and outlet of the Venturi
fertilizer applicator and the parallel connection of the water pipe. The test
results show that the pressure difference is adjusted at the inlet part of the
venturi, and the concentration is always greater than 20%; adjusting the
pressure differential at the parallel connection with the water pipe can
achieve the regulation of the concentration. However, the inlet flow has a
nonlinear relationship between the input flowing and pressure differential.
Adjusting the pressure difference at the outlet can adjust the concentration
within the range of 1~ 10% and the relationship between concentration and
pressure ratio can be obtained in a Square Polynomial (R2>0.93). in
addition, the input flowing is linearly?R2>0.94?. Therefore, the adjustment of pressure differential
at the outlet can realize the accurate control of the inlet flow and
concentration. (Feng Ruijue et al., 2011).

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The influence structural parameters of Venturi on its
hydraulic performance were studied, which provided the theoretical basis for
the design of Venturi injector fertilizer with 50 mm an inlet diameter, based
on computational fluid dynamics method (CFD), the effects of the structural
parameters (such as throat taper, throat contraction ratio, and throat length)
on their hydraulic performance (such as outlet section average velocity,
minimum pressure, and critical pressure) were studied under different inlet
pressures and pressure differences between inlet and outlet. The resulet showed
that a power function relationship existed between the mean velocity in outlet
part and pressure difference, with an approximate flow index of 0.53. Minimum
pressure occurred in the throat inlet wall and there was a linear relationship
between the minimum pressure and the pressure difference at the inlet and
outlet. The throat contraction ratio was the main factor on the effect of
Venturi injector performance, which was positively correlated with outlet
velocity, negatively to critical pressure, the minimal in-tube pressure,
coefficient of local head loss, and fertilizer absorption ratio. (Sun yan-Qi et
al., 2009).

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