time yet to be such a thing.

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time In an era whenpeople worked extremely hard day in and day out, to only make a meager
living, people searched for something more. Men would work endlessly long
hours and seek anything to release their tension. They would long for a
hobby , or as some would say, a pastime. However, here in the United states
there was yet to be such a thing. Americans desired a game to call their
own. They longed for an American pastime. The development of baseball
affected the countries economy, aided in the unification of the nation,
resulting in it becoming the symbol for America’s culture and society. As
everything has a story as to where it came from, or how it came about,
baseball has its own. It has been said that baseball was started in
Cooperstown by a man with the name of Abner Doubleday, but that is only a
story. According to Ken Burns in Baseball an Illustrated History he states,
“The game’s real past, like that of the country that claims it, is more
colorful and more complicated. Both the nation and the national pastime are
the creation of many hands from many places: the history of each is filled
with low comedy and high drama, reactionaries and revolutionaries

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