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The Bottega Veneta is a new design company compared to the Balenciga designs. Established in 1966, Bottega Veneta opened its doors to the production of leather goods. The company has been recognized since then for its unique leather-weaving technique referred to as the ‘interecciato’ which has remained the brand signature of the design company.

Balenciaga boutique operations date back to 1918 in Spain with its first branches in San Sebastian, Madrid and Barcelona. While Bottega Veneta grew and expanded to other countries courtesy of its discreet design and quality craftsmanship, The Balenciaga boutique moved to Paris to find new market after it was forced to close its operations in Spain due to the Spanish Civil War (Sievewright 90)

Bottega Veneta has a unique way of advertising its products contrary to Balenciaga. This has enabled the designer shop to enjoy a discreet appeal to its clients with no logo design. In the early 1970’s, the design company adopted a new advertisement strategy making use of the tag line “When your own initials are enough”.

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The impact of this new innovation was evident in the few years that followed as by early 1980’s; the company had emerged as the favorite of the jet set internationally Balenciaga on the other hand advertises its products mainly through Hollywood stars, influential fashion editors and top models.

The brand expansion of the two companies has not been that smooth. Both of them have experienced tough times on their way to the top at some points almost closing down completely. The falling out of top management in Bottega Veneta in the 1990’s led to the fortunes of the company to decline greatly.

It was at this time that the company decided to abandon its old understated ethos and get into a new fashion territory that was trend driven. Some of the major changes that the management adopted at this transition period include doing away with logos that were visible from the brand’s products, highlighting the intecciato weave signature prominently, and having the company’s operations focus on artisanal production.

After the closure in Spain due to War, Balenciaga opened its doors again in Paris with its first runway show featuring designs mostly influenced by renaissance from Spain. Its success come soon in the new market compared to Bottega Veneta. In a span of two years, the company received a revolutionary from the French press leading to its designs being highly sought-after (Sievewright 59)

Since then, both companies have ventured into new products and designs so as to compete with the market demands. Over the years, Bottega Veneta has added to its collections as it has included eyewear, jewelry, furniture and home fragrance. However, the shop has not given up on its traditional products such as shoes, handbags, small leather goods, home items, luggage and gifts.

In the past, Bottega Veneta used to present its products especially those for women on run way shows but this has since changed as such presentations including those of furniture are now done in corporate offices located in Milan. In order to keep the company running and maintain high quality craftsmanship, Bottega Veneta resolved to open a training and support school in Italy.

In the 1960’s, Balenciaga become an innovator of its own use of fabrics. This involved the change of style of production to intricate embroidery, heavy fabrics and bold materials. The trade mark of the design become collars which faced away from the collarbone so as to offer a swanlike appearance and bracelet sleeves that were had been shortened.

Today, Balenciaga’s is mostly famous for its handbags that are motorcycle-inspired. Balenciaga enjoys most of its sales in the United States where it has four boutiques that are exclusive. Balenciaga is also famous for its creation of structural pieces that are avant-grade which has enabled it to straddling the fashion edge and be in a position to forecast women fashions (Sievewright 78)

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