Background: concern of health care and is being

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Patient safety has become the major concern of health care and
is being included in an undergraduate curriculum as it plays a key role in reducing
harm. Therefore, we aim to assess undergraduate medical students’
attitudes to the patient safety issue and their interest in patient safety education.



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The cross-sectional survey of
519 undergraduate students was conducted at the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas
Yarsi, in September 2017. A structured and anonymous self-administered questionnaire
was handed to medical students, including preclinical and clinical
undergraduate students. The main outcome measures were students’ attitudes to patient
safety issues and their attitude to integrating patient safety curriculum to
undergraduate medical education.



Overall, 308(59%) students agreed
that medical errors were inevitable, but 391(75%) students thought competent
physicians do not make errors. More than half of the students said medical
errors should be reported even if there is no harm to the patient (59% and 73%
respectively). Less than half (29%) students believe reporting systems do little to reduce future errors. Almost all of the students (94%) thought work harder and more careful is an effective strategy after an
error occurs. Over 80% of students thought physicians routinely share information about medical errors. The
majority agreed that patient safety should be part of medical curriculum and physician
should spend their time to improve patient care (66% and 86% respectively).
Most students (94%) would like to receive teaching
on patient safety further.



This study revealed
that undergraduate students had a positive attitude to patient safety. The teaching of ‘patient safety’ was highly supported by
students and needs to be included in the medical curriculum.


Keywords: patient safety,
medical error, medical student

Categories: Strategy


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