Back was a totalitarian. The holocaust started

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Back in the 1933
there was a time of strong Jewish persecution called the holocaust due to a
German politician named Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler was the leader of a
communist group called the Nazi party where he was a totalitarian. The
holocaust started in 1933 when a night called kristallnacht happened.


refers to the night of broken glass where German people busted the glass
windows and set fires to Jewish store or businesses. The Nazi party had also
supported this night of broken glass and Nazi soldiers only interfered with the
riots if a German store or business. During this night there up to 91 deaths
and the German peoples target was the Jews. Adolf Hitler was historical
manipulator to the Germans by saying the reason why the economy is so broke in
Germany is because of the Jews. That wasn’t the case in their situation but the
whole reason why they had their issues was because they lost WW1. With the
treaty of Versailles it had harsh rules over Germany like how they had to pay
all of the damage down in the war which resulted in the downfall of there


Not only did the
Nazi party targeted the Jews but they also targeted the crippled the mentally
slow and any non-Nazi German. But the Jews would get the worst of it all that
the Germans would send them to places called concentration camps. One of the
more notorious concentration camps was Auschwitz, which between 1940 through
1945 it was estimated to have killed up to 1.1 million Jews. Auschwitz was so
big that only the zone of interest was 40 square kilometers. When the Jews
first get to their destination at the camps they are told women the left and
men on the right. Many families were split up this way and when they got to a
certain point they had to get shaved balled and they had to tell there age to
the SS officers and who was ever to young or old to work they were sent to gas
chambers to be killed. Those of which that went to work had terrible conditions
to the work and to the sleeping and eating. SS officers had the Jews basically
dig their own graves and the only time that they were fed was at the end of the
day. The Jews were only given stale bread and a small bowl of soup.

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The whole purpose
of an SS officer is that they believe to crush the Jews because supposable the
Jews are against the fatherland. So the Nazis experiment medical terms like
they lab rats. During the holocaust Jews would hide in crazy places just to get
away from the Nazis. For example when parents would send their children away on
trains or boats just for there kids to be safe while the parents staid behind.

In my opinion the
Nazis and Adolf Hitler was mad people, but to the Germans back in 1940 thought
that he was saving the fatherlands. In reality Hitler was manipulating them in
order for him to stay in power. The Jews that couldn’t escape the Nazis wrath
were either in concentration camps or hiding. Those that helped the Jews hide
were also transported to concentration camps. That only happened if they were
caught hiding Jews of course.

During the
holocaust there have been some very famous people like Elie Wiesel and Anne
Frank. Both these people had helped explain the horrifying truth of the
holocaust. Like Anne Franks diary, even though she died in 1945 due to a typhus
fever she still left historical evidence on how it was to be hiding from the
Nazis. While Elie had more in depth at the concentration camps with his famous
book “Night” where it basically tells his life during the holocaust. Through
all of these writings we have gained a better understanding of what have had
happened during this great massacre.

The Nazis were a
nationalist socialist German workers party but there were many other Nazi
groups like the Hitler Youth. This group especially targeted the youth in Germany
by propaganda through showing the kids that Germany is great and how the Nazis
will save the fatherlands. This is an example of propaganda and hiding the real
info in order for Hitler to stay in power. Hitler would have down anything to
stay in power over Germany.

Hitler truly had a
corrupted mind in the way of truth and justice and since the holocaust Hitler
gave off such an influence on people that resulted in hidden Nazi groups today.
These groups aren’t a threat anyways but they still have the beliefs of Hitler.
So that is just a sum of what had happened during this historical event it was
a tragic time for Jews. Many people will never forget the holocaust and even
though there was other Jewish persecution in history this was a major one in
history because there were millions of Jews dead.

So in conclusion
many people can have crazy ideas in order to survive and thrive. That’s just
humankind for you always trying to be on top to thrive and survive. People will
do crazy things for any case or situation like slavery even.    

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