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Ayesha Merchant

Prof. Nair

ENGL 1301-22400

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12th December

And What To Do?

to a research performed by Polygon.com
in 2016, 65% of American households own a video gaming device. With more than
half the population owning a console to play their choice of game(s), it brings
up the question of these machines being actually useful in our social society
or merely a distraction from things that matter truly, such as values,
relationships or even faith. In today’s culture of constant competition, we
tend to improve our skills and social image in order to be accepted by the
society and talked good about. Specially with school and college students when
they are put under pressure to do certain things to be treated well by people
around them. This not only creates a personal and safe environment for them to
grow but also teaches them problem solving skills, and also help them to improve
their hand-eye coordination.

            Video games play a vital role in developing an adolescent
mind by providing children an opportunity to think critically. It is said to be
a safe-haven for many of such students who want to shut down from the competition
around them. All video games contain challenges and obstacles. Young minds use
their working and planning memory to solve these problems, eventually leading
to a smarter and sharper mind. For instance, if a child is playing angry birds
on their electronic device, he has to use his mind and think critically to angle
his bird in a way that it kills all of the pigs in one shot to get the highest
score. The same way by adapting the role of a criminal in the game Grand Theft
Auto, one can process information faster and in a more strategic way. While
playing these games, little ones face defeat, such as a character’s death or
not reaching the next level. These failures push the children to focus more and
learn from their experience by gaining perseverance and persistence. Research
shows that about 70% of the teachers said that students’ engagement grew in
class when they used and discussed video games. PLEASE ADD MORE I MIGHT REPEAT

            Hand-eye coordination is said to be the processing of
visual input to guide reaching and grasping along with the use of
proprioception of the hands to guide the eyes. Video games are said to boost
individual learning and improve the sensory and motor skills. 

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