AVIVA as follow (Aviva, 2017b): “Our vision

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AVIVA is a UK based Multinational Company which main
business is in insurance sectors company (Aviva, 2017a). The company offers a
wide range of insurance and saving products which help people to protect and
build their future. The company was founded in 2000 and one of the largest
health insurance provider in the UK (ibid).
Currently, the company offered their services to approximately 33 million
customers, who the company considered their future with confidence (Aviva,
2017b). The company is committed to provide high quality of products and
services to their customers. The Group CEO Mark Wilson says: “We have tremendous advantages:
a clear strategy, a well-respected brand, strong values and outstanding
technical skills. We’re focused on delivering for our customers, while
disrupting the way our industry works” (Aviva, 2017b). Further, the company
also claimed that they are paying over £30 billion in claims and benefits for
their customers (ibid).

The Company main purpose is to protect their customers from
future unseen events or incidents and provide a safe and future with
confidence. Therefore, AVIVA is the UK’s largest insurer, which have £475
billion of assets under the management (Aviva, 2017a). The main strength of the
company is also a geographical diversification which have seen a significant
growth in last few years. The company’s UK –based business contribution is 53 %
while non-UK based business contributed to 47 % till 30th June 2017
(ibid). This shows the business
strong presences not only in the UK but also worldwide.

The main vision of Aviva is as follow (Aviva, 2017b):

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“Our vision for Aviva is a business that
makes it simple, effortless and easy for customers, with digital at its

The company key performance
indicators (KPIs) has been increased for last two years in the form of
financial performance. The general insurance and health operating profit
increase 10 % to £471 million which was recorded £430 million in 2015; however,
only health related insurance operating profit in the UK, increased £31 million
which was recorded £21 million in 2015 (Aviva Annual Report and Accounts,

UAE (United Arab Emirates) is the
second largest economy among Middle East countries; since the oil prices
reduced at international market, UAE is considering to develop more diversified
business venture to develop their economy for future. As, the UAE is considered
stable and investment safe zone where foreign companies can easily invest in
the market in the form of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

This paper is divided into three
major sections such as target market selection, target customer profile and
creative plan. In the first section a detail target market selection is
performed within the context of UAE market with following key attributes such
as market analysis, behavioral segmentation, and demographic segmentation. In
the second section of this report, a target customer profile in UAE is
generated with the following key concepts such as motivational theories,
personality, attitude and beliefs, decision making process and reference group.
In the last and final section, a detail on creative plan is discussed with
following key concepts such as positioning statement, policy outline,
perception, brand association network, and emotions.  This will help to understand the feasibility
of insurance marketplace in the UAE and how Aviva company encounter possible
challenges and risk that associated with future business prospect. The main
purpose of this report is to observed and evaluate these three major section
within the context of UAE market, where AVIVA Company is looking an opportunity
to expand.

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