Automated the right customer’s order to them. Sometimes,

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Automated Restaurant Ordering System Based on Embedded

The purpose of this paper is describing how the embedded
technology improve dining experience. The reason of some restaurant nowadays
using the embedded technology manual ordering system will consume a lot of time
due to the following sequence. Example Step 1, waiters need to note down the
orders self from customers. Step 2, afterwards bring the order to kitchen. Step
3, write a receipts and deliver the right customer’s order to them. Sometimes,
the staff might write down the wrong order and if this happened in peak hour,
it would be quite terrible. So, by implement the embedded technology which is
Wireless food ordering system. Each of the table will insert a tablet to let
customer order their food. Although it sounds like hard to use, but actually
with a well design of UI, everyone are able to use it self. Each of the tablet is
linked with the same database, therefore admin or restaurant owner is able to
view the data anytime they want. Even though it sound the wireless food order
system might be bring a big advantage to a restaurant. In fact, it will consume
up lot of money on buying the hardware which is the tablet that insert on each


Smart Phone Application for Menu Card in Restaurant

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The purpose of this paper is talking how the smart phone
application replace the writing note order and menu card. The service of
traditional restaurant which is waiters need to interact with customer about
what they need to order and record all the order into a note. So, some of them
realize that a high quality recommendation service system able to increase the customer
interest. Therefore, the appearance of e-Menu which is by showing menu through
a tablet because a tablet can do more attractive information to drag customer
attention. The e-Menu is not just showing customer the food, customers are able
to order food by themselves through the tablet. It could avoid order-taking
errors from waiters. All the order will be send accordingly following the time
that customer order. It could reduce the confusion since all the requirement is
written unmistakably. The service of the restaurant goes more quicker than
before which by using hand written order. It can also save up a lot of labor
expenses. By using the e-Menu, all the order is associated with an individual
seat at the table. It was just like order in paper but it having a greater
accuracy. All the cost is calculated in real time and also the Recommendation
algorithm. It suggests the dishes according to customer’s previous orders. It
convenient for some customer that they can’t think what they want to eat that









Voice-based Food Ordering System

This journal is talking about how the proposed system help
to increase the dining experience. Due to some restaurant’s customer complained
about the service offered. It due to:

The existing system waiters need to record
customer’s order with paper, paper might get spoiled easily by any condition.

Menu cards need to reprint after a certain month
or if there is any small change on the menu, it also need to reprint the whole
menu book/card.

Customer complain about they need to call the
waiter several times till they notices it. Also sometimes, there can be
misunderstanding while waiter recording the order on paper.

Even though some of the restaurant started to use tablet
which the tablet is hold by waiter to hang around and order customer food
through the tablet. But some areas still not get rid away the paper based
records. By using the proposed system which is android application. It is used
to replace all the mistake made from the above and speed up the whole ordering
process. Every table will set up with a tablet which only let customer to use
the ordering application. Customer can see the menu using the tablet. Also the
chefs can update any promotion item and available quantity for certain items.
Customer can give orders through the tablets, all the details will be
wirelessly connected to the restaurant system. Furthermore some of the
restaurant has enhance the proposed system, which the new function is voice
interpretation subsystem. Customer can interact with the application through
voice commands, which it will interprets the customer’s command by decoding
analog signal using spectrum then the voice command will be transformed into a
text string. Afterwards, the tablets will show the order that after interact
with customer’s voice commands and verify their order. After customer done
dining, they can pay their bill through the application. Customer can also give
their feedback after they settled the bill. In conclusion, by using the
proposed system it would able to improve the service of the restaurant.


Automated Food Ordering System with Real-Time Customer

This journal is describe how the design automated food
ordering system and how it improve customer dining experience of a restaurant.
It implements wireless data access to servers. The traditional way of ordering
food which is need a waiter prepare a pen and paper themselves. Waiters have to
note down everything from customer, deliver the order to kitchen, update it to
the records and generate the bill. In this process sometime it may include some
human errors which is misunderstanding customer requirement. Therefore the born
of the PDA based system and multi-touchable restaurant management systems to
automate food ordering process. PDA(personal digital assistants) it can
communicate with pc. It lack uniquitous communication. It is something that
bring a large expenses to the restaurant if they order more quantity. For
multi-touchable restaurant management systems, the limitation of it usually is
because it only need a low resolution output of the monitor, it can produce
activation without touching the screen. Although PDA based system can bring some
benefits to the restaurant but the limitation of it like, can be served limited
of customer during peak hour. It also lack of real time feedback. It will also
cause some health issue to customer. To overcome this system, the developer
proposed a automated food ordering system and it can get real time customer
feedback. All the system need is just I Wifi and a android devices. Each tablet
will be set on each table. Customer can make order and take a look on the menu
through the android application. Although it seems like impossible because
usually tablet/ smart phone is used to e-mail, browsing website and etc. The
developer make the tablet become more useful to the restaurant. Restaurant
owner ca always customize the menu and keep track customer records without
writing it to the records book one-by-one. Once a transaction or order has been
made, all these information will store to the database. So come to the
procedure of the system:

The owner must log into the system and update
their menu or advertisement.

After customer log in to the system, it will
generate an identification number to the order menu.

After customer done their order, those order
will directly send to the kitchen and start to prepare by cooker.

After finishing their food, they are able to
make payment through it and enter their feedback regarding restaurant system
and services.

Through the process above, it can save a lot of time by
waiter order through a note. Customer are able to order more due to the
attractive photo. It could also avoid waiter misunderstanding and communication
problem between waiter and customer.




















Automated Restaurant Management System


This journal is talking about automate every possible thing
to take advantage in providing ease in human life. The problem nowadays that
every fields facing a problem which is shortage of trained staff. This kind of
problem most often happen in hospitality industry and hotel. Therefore,
Automate system is playing an important role in this technology era. So, for restaurant
industry, the manual way to train staff to order is note down everything on
note even a transaction also have note by self. 
This process may seem easy but it sometime might involve some human
errors which occur during noting down the orders. So appearance of automate
system is use to speed up everything and avoid all human error. Through this
proposed system, customer able place their order using the Arduino Uno
Atmega(shown in photo). It is a old version automate system compare to what I
had study on other journal. Customer need to go through the menu card and place
their order with the small machine. The advantage of this proposed system is it
could reduce man power and human error while note down on notepad. The cost
compare to hire people is higher but it only involves one time investment.
Therefore, it mean that it can help the company save up some money.








At Your Service on the Table:Impact of Table top Technology
on Restaurant Performance

This journal talk about how the table top technology affect
the performance of the restaurant. From what he research with the table top
technology which mean for me is tablet on each table has bring a lot of benefit
to the restaurant. Example the increasing of sale and the reduce of meal
duration and etc. This technology allow those low-ability waiters to improve
their performance against to those high-ability waiters. The slow of implement
this kind of technology is because due to restaurant more foucs on human
apsects of services and investing extra budget in this technology innovation
can seem hard to justify. Due to the shortage of training staff, restaurant
industry slowly just begun to spend money on technology.



The impact of IT on customer satisfaction and behavioral
intention in the casual restaurant industry


This journal talk about the impact of information technology
in restaurant industry. Nowadays, most of the restaurant provide table side
computer to allow customer to order their thing without a waiter. In past
restaurant technology was hard to find on that time. Restaurant industry have
to rely based on their skill and knowledge about the business. Slowly, the
appearance of POS(Point Of Sale) system, it allow staff to enter the customer
order to the computer, send the order automatically to the kitchen and
inventory tracking. After a few year, the appearance of tableside wireless
ordering. According to the journal that the benefit that the technology bring
to the restaurant is shorten time spent on ordering , enhance the process of
food production, speed up service time and etc. By using the tableside top
technology it may reduce the cost of the restaurant because it only one time
involve. The result of implement this technology show very clearly in this
journal. Customer was satisfied about the tableside top technology. They feel
more comfortable by using the tablet to make their order.

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