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Chamber of Mines South Africa

26 January 2018

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mining in the country still has a long life and developments to many mining
companies are in place to increase profit and lengthen the industry for up to
50 years.  The method used for
diamond mining is open-cast mining. However limits are being reached and
underground mines are being developed. It is intended that by 2019 production
will increase from 0.75 million carats to 2.4 million carats. 3.2 million
carats worth R8.8 billion were sold locally and 5.62 million carats worth R7.73
billion were exported.


article serves to explain the relevance of diamond mining in South Africa. It
talks about the life expectancy of the diamond industry and what is being done
to hopefully increase this substantially. The article also explains the annual
production of diamonds and how it is intended to increase by 2019. It also
tells readers how diamond mining occurs and what the problems are with this
method. It also gives historical facts about diamond mining and how far it has
come, giving reference to exports and diamonds sold locally.


article has significant value as it gives information on the historical
development of the diamond industry. It also mentions the amount of diamonds
exported, showing the importance of the industry in South Africa. The article
also mentions future development of the mining industry and ways in which to
prolong diamond mining.


article does not give a name, so it is difficult to determine if the author is
reliable, however the site, Chamber of Mines, deals and focuses on mining in
South Africa as it is a mining industry employers’ organisation, aimed at
promoting the South African mining industry. It is a reputable site with
genuine information, despite no author being referenced. A date is also not
given, so it is difficult to determine how old the information is and this
lessens reliability as information could have changed since it was written and
put on the site.




the article giving information on the historical development of the mining
industry, it does not go into enough detail on this topic, for example how
diamond mining is relevant to the country and its imports and exports and would
have been more helpful if it had. The article, although focused on South
Africa, does not mention Gauteng, which is the area of research and if Gauteng
was mentioned it would have proved more useful. The article is also very short
and could have included a lot more information on various sub topics to
increase its usefulness to the research question.


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