AUTHENTICITY with the exception of Phoebe, Allie and

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Holden Caulfield, is the main character of The Catcher In The Eye and is constantly insulting and blaming people of being phony with the exception of Phoebe, Allie and himself of course. Also, Holden isn’t really conscious of what life can destine you, and doesn’t expect how difficult love actually is or life in general. We can see this as a problem during all the book as for example he doesn’t really know how to affront the situation of Allie’s death, causing him frustration and rage. This rage we can clearly see it with the success of what for Holden are phonies, such as his Headmaster, Stradlater or the other schoolboys that follow the normal social norms and values. Basically Holden finds authenticity in those who don’t follow the normal social rules that society follows. Despite this as we can see after, this could be caused by the lack of authority figures in his family. 


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Holden simply in one word is alone. His parents are completely absent in all ways, except in the fact that they continually insist on Holden to continue in school. With the continuos change of school, Holden doesn’t completely adapt to any and as we can see in Pencey he doesn’t really find neither an adult figure which he can follow or take example of. Another point is the fact of his little brother’s death. Allie’s death because of Leucemia causes Holden a huge depression, we can clearly see this when Holden brakes all the windows of his garage and has to be hospitalized because of that. Another way we can see Holden loved Allie is the way in which he idolized his little brother before and after he died. The fact that Holden doesn’t communicate with his parents is also a problem, although he doesn’t have the problem, because his parents are the ones who are doing everything that benefits them instead of to Holden.  On the other hand, we can find a person that makes Holden happy, and that’s Phoebe, the problem comes when we talk about time, Holden practically doesn’t see Phoebe. Finally D.B , a similar thing happens with him, even though Holden quite likes him, he doesn’t have much chance of seeing him.

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