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At the rising period of Diabetes, most of the cases could be prevented with Extremely Healthy Foods. Some of them are reversible. Taking proper steps to control and prevent diabetes doesn’t indicate living in deficiency. You can eat balanced and tasty diet that can boost the physical energy with improvement of your mood. You need not to leave sweets forever or give up of bland food entirely.

List of some 5 Extremely Healthy Foods to Control Diabetics

The ideal foods are with high-nutrient and low GL (glycemic load). Most of the diabetes diets are relied on grains or meat as their calorie source, but these steps could be very disadvantageous.

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1. Beans
All kinds of beans are containing fiber in high amount. It helps to stable your blood sugar with lower cholesterol and full filling your calorie requirements. Black beans supply 7 grams of calories from a half cup of serving. Its minerals and calcium help to burn your body fat. From a half cup of white beans you can get about 100 mgs calcium, which is about 10% of daily intake. Moreover, beans are the best source of protein, unlike others, like red meat. It has low saturated fat. You can eat them with soups, chili, salads, and some others.

2. Green vegetables

Green vegetables, including cruciferous, leafy greens and other types of greens are full of nutrient. It’s the vital foods to prevent and reverse of diabetes. Consuming of higher green vegetables is to lower the risk of having type-2 diabetes. These also lower the level of HbA1c. A meta-analysis has found recently that having high amount of green vegetables decreases the risk of developing type-2 diabetes by 14%. Another study showed that it reduces 9% of the risk of getting type-2 diabetes.

3. Fish/Salmon
Nutritionists don’t suggest eating this healthy fish in more amounts. Fishes are the great source of fatty acids like omega-3 (it provides 1800 mg from just 3 ounces). Healthy fats reduce developing of diabetes by improving the resistance of insulin and heart disease, reduce inflammation as well. Salmon is the best source of Vitamin D among nondairy.

4. Nuts and seeds

Among nuts and seeds, nuts contain low GL, which promotes loss of weight and it have effects of anti-inflammatory to prevent resistance of insulin. And the resistance of insulin is the main cause of diabetes. One of the health studies has suggested that they found reducing of risk by 27% for those who have had more than 5 nuts in a week. The same amount of serving has reduced the heart disease by 47%.

5. Tuna
Tuna is the other wonderful healthy fish. You can get 1300 mg omega-3 just from 3 ounces of tuna along with a good amount of vitamin D. It should be taking carefully, because it has high quantity of mercury that could be the cause problem of neurological fact by eating the huge amount. It could be eaten with sandwiches, salads, and whole wheat bread or even as grilled as the substitute of burgers.


So, these 5 Extremely Healthy Foods to Control Diabetics are really helpful to control and prevent diabetes. There are some more foods for the patients of diabetes. People without having diabetes can take these foods to keep the diseases in far distance.  


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