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a cabinet meeting on Wednesday December 20, Trump announced the end of chain
migration and the diversity visa lottery program. Chain migration is when immigrants
can come to the United States because of a family member that is already a
legal resident or citizen. Chain migration was a driving force for immigration
to the U.S in 1965, which led to the current version of the Immigration and
Nationality Act. The 1965 legislation changed the objective of U.S. immigration
policy. Rather than bringing immigrants who were likely to assimilate to our
culture and do well here, American immigration policy shifted its focus to an
extremely broad concept of “family reunification.” This placed the integrity of
immigrant families above the economic, national security, and public safety
interests of the American public. because of this, the groups of immigrants
eligible to come to the United States has became largely self-selecting.


The diversity visa lottery gives green
cards at random to people who live in countries with low rates of immigration
to the U.S. Sayfullo Saipov the terrorist that drove a rented home depot
truck through a crowd killing eight people came to the U.S in chain migration.

Also Akayed Ullah the terrorist that set off the pipe bomb in a New York subway
because of the “offensive” Christmas decorations also came to the U.S through
chain migration after his aunt was selected by the lottery system. At the
meeting Trump said “We don’t want this group of people anymore, when we
take people in a lottery, they’re not putting their best people in the lottery.

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It’s common sense.” He said that in some cases we probably get the worst
people. Also Sayfullo Saipov may have brought in as many as 24 people
indirectly or directly. “Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandfathers,
grandmothers, and they come in because one guy gets in. Then you bring the
whole family,” Trump said. 


I agree with Trump that we should end chain
migration and the lottery system. In my last current event I said that I didn’t
believe that extreme vetting would help protects us from Muslims who became
extremist in America, but now I realize that there is something we can do. The
problem that I fear is that there’s always going to be that one crazy guy in
the family who hates America. With chain migration when one guy gets in, the
whole family can come, I think two things we need to consider is… where do we
end the line of family members, and also what about other people coming from
places like Europe or Mexico. I feel that after we terminate chain migration,
than we can work on making a better version, maybe a version where chain
migration isn’t aloud in countries on the watch list, the same list of places
on the travel band. I think this way we can make sure that innocent people can
come to the U.S and that our safety is not compromised. Because of chain
migration, 5 million people have randomly been able to come to the U.S. Another
statistic shows that 70% percent of immigration to the U.S is from chain
migration. As for the visa lottery, I think that it’s not the brightest idea have
the mindset… “I have 50,000 green cards, I’m going to give them away at random.”
I think that we should totally get rid of the lottery system. 51% of immigrant
families (legal or illegal) live on some sort of government welfare assistance,
all that money a huge strain of our resources. Today with our 21 trillion
dollars worth of debt, there needs to be a beginning and end to the financial
support and a strategy on ho we enable immigrants to assimilate and achieve
financial support. I don’t think it’s cruel to have a time limit for how long you
can stay in The U.S receiving welfare because when all of our ancestors came to
the U.S, the only thing they had was a good work ethic and a dream for a better
life. I realize that the immigrants may be fleeing from violence, but when they
come to the U.S in search of a better life, we shouldn’t have to change our
traditions or our values for them because we are welcoming them to our home so
they need to assimilate. Senators Tom Cotton,
R-Ark., and David Perdue, R-Ga., are sponsoring the RAISE Act. The bill would
create a point system to better evaluate potential immigrants from factors such
as age, education, professional skills and English proficiency. We also need to
be able to see that the immigrant loves our country and loves our constitution,
and our values that we as Americans believe in.



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