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Ashley ShajiProfessor ScharoldEnglish 13023 December 2017 Reflective Essay    My name is Ashley Shaji. I am certainly not a complex teenager who thinks the world is against me, nor am I  an overly sophisticated know it all kind of person who does not take time to pay attention to my surroundings. I can not say that I am like every other teenager because there are certain things that make me a unique individual. I just moved here two years ago from India. I found it hard in the, beginning as the transition was so difficult for me to accept, but I found the courage within me that I could reach my dreams through God’s grace and hard work. I always love to smile thus making others smile along with me. To be a help for a person has been a trait of mine since a young age. When I was twelve years old, a drunk driver hit the car my mother was driving While I was in the backseat. We were taken to the hospital right after. During my stay in the hospital, I also got to know various doctors and nurses on a personal level. I remembered that I was feeling anxiety about my condition, but nor I found sadness or even fear. It seemed like my family was more fearful of what would happen to me than I was. This was just due to the trust I had in the abilities of my doctors. Now that I am older, I fear death and sickness in a more intense way than I remember experiencing it as a child. It was here that I experienced the power and compassion of medicine, not only in healing but also in bringing an unlikely individual together in an uncommon way. And it was here that I began to take seriously the possibility of becoming a physician assistant. This is the reason I am majoring in biology at UHD. For being a physician assistant, I need to develop a lot of note-taking skills. English 1302 is the first English class that I am taking in as a freshman in university. Like everyone else, I have many ups, and downs in my essays and research where I have tried my best to edit and correct those mistakes.  I genuinely believe all this hard work is going off in my future.       I loved the book Just mercy: A story of justice and redemption that my professor had assigned me at the beginning of my semester of English 1302. The first essay was the Explanatory Synthesis essay. The essay stated to synthesis ideas informally creating an argumentative research paper and expository paper. This essay was comparatively easy than the argumentative research paper that I had in the second semester because it is personally easier for me to give a broad outlook of my essay than focusing a particular section as what I had to in my research argumentive essay. I was not very good at finding sources and using frames to integrate quotes. But in the revised explanatory synthesis, I have made changes and have used frames at the beginning of the quotes for a better outcome. In addition to this, I found myself that I was using informal languages at, i.e., in the second paragraph I used ” Little money they get is due to ..”. Therefore, I made changes to that by saying ” The low pay that they get is due to..”. I think the best part that I did in the explanatory synthesis essay was to arrange my paragraphs in such a way that the reader does not lose the flow and understands it all like the way I wanted to express my thought about my topic.    Further, in this course, I had to do an argumentative research which I felt like I have struggled the most. Primarily, this was eight to ten pages long, and I felt like I was running out of ideas and going out of track from my topic as my professor mentioned that I was repeating the same piece of information that I had in paragraph two. And I also recognized that some of my introduction sentences belong to my background section. I restricted my introduction and background so that the reader does not get distracted from my topic. Likewise, I did not have enough sources in my paper, so I fixed them by adding two more sources as per the rubric from the professor. Additionally, it was challenging for me to work on my transition words between paragraphs. I found that I needed a transition in between third and fourth paragraph which will help the paper flow from one idea to the next. Hence, I infused a transition word in-between paragraph three and four so that the reader will know that I am moving from one idea to the next one. I also noticed that I had APA citation throughout my paper and at the very end of the citation page I cited the work cited in MLA format. Moreover, this was one of the sections I struggled with when I was writing my paper. Meanwhile, to get a polished and finished product I made myself go to Purdue owl website where they help me guide how to cite my citation. It took me more time than that I thought, but it is worth it. Personally, this research paper and the work cited page was the most challenging piece for me in this course as this needed most time and effort.    I am very glad that I took this class. It gave me a whole new experience than what I have experienced in high school English classes. I had put a lot of effort for my argumentive research paper but I felt it is not enough. I was so desperate when I saw my grades, but instead in the midst of my revisions I felt like I should have be more focused and diligent during my time of writing. During my revisions, I got a chance to let myself know what especially I need to focus on to get a finished product of my essay. In general, I would have to improve skills on using transition word between the paragraph when I am changing my ideas. I would also let myself understand the topic and what am I trying to convey through my topic. I will also try to create an interesting opening sentence that can grab the reader’s attention as I feel like the first impression that the writer gives in their introduction is the best impression that will follow along throughout the paper. I would explain my topic in a journalistic manner that is who, what, why, when, and how. Additionally, I will direct myself to find the purpose or the reason why it is created, or it exists. In the brainstorming session, I will ask what do I know about the topic and would have to find out, and organize my thoughts accordingly. I would also find out what kind of structure does it suit my essay and make me stick to the topic throughout the writing. If I evaluate myself as freshmen taking this course, I have learned that it is always easier in writing to use the strategies helpful for the writing. Always use a formal way to writer essay because writing is mainly about making the reader know how well you know about a particular topic. And made Purdue owl made my closest friend who is the only one who can help you with my citations. After all,in this English 1302 course, I have learned many things about myself as a writer and have finally found a way of writing that works best for me.

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