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As gruesome as it may sound, the people that may seem closest, are the people who do the most wrong. In the article “accused ax murderer spared life sentence in 1900s” Mara Bovsun says, “The intruder beat her husband’s brains out with an ax. She slept through that, too.” (Bovsun). However, when they say “intruder” they really mean his own wife. She was so unhappy with her life and relationship, he always would get angry and beat her; it would only make sense for her to do that. In “Trifles” by Susan Glaspell, the feminist theory helps the reader to come to the conclusion that women can have the most power and men seem to not notice. This conclusion is significant because this is the point that feminists are trying to prove and the author shows it with men mocking women, the real evidence being under the ladies finger tips, and the thought process of women compared to men. Throughout the entire play, the author shows how men view the women just based on their role in society. In the article, there is a set of men and a set of women and the men seem to always mock their ways of life. As County Attorney says, “Ah, loyal to your sex, I see. But you and Mrs. Wright were neighbors. I suppose you were friends, too”(Glaspell 76). The men is putting Mrs. Hale down thinking that just because they lived near each other they had to of been friends. She said one thing about the woman and he automatically thought that she was only saying that because the suspect is also a woman, hence being loyal to the same sex. Another in text example is when the boys come back from upstairs and hear the ladies conversation.The Sheriff then says, “They wonder if she was going to quilt it or just knot it! The men laugh; the women look abashed.”(Glaspell 80). This is another example of how the men are laughing at the woman for little things that they are interested in, yet the women have found the smaller details. The men cannot possibly wrap their heads around the idea of the situation though. Overall, the men here think that the women are just silly for the little things that the women care about, but little do the men know, they have found the true evidence in those items they thought were silly. Due to the ladies snooping around the home when they were not even looking for the evidence, they find it and try to hide it from the men since the men cannot seem to find it. Mrs. Hale says, “Mrs. Peters, look at this one. Here, this is the one she was working on, and look at the sewing! All the rest of it has been so nice and even. And look at this! It’s all over the place! Why, it looks as if she didn’t know what she was about!” (Glaspell 80). While the men go outside, the women then discover a piece of evidence about the suspect that the men never would have seen. However, the women kind of fix it so the men will not even see it, this gives them a bit of power that the men do not grant them. The ladies then have a conversation, “It’s the bird. Jumping up But, Mrs. Peters- look at it! Its neck! Look at its neck! Ita all- other side to. Somebody- wrung- its- neck.” (Glaspell 83). The women find another piece of evidence that they think she was going to bury in that pretty box. They know that she did it and the men still do not know for sure since the women hide the evidence due to the men not looking at the smaller picture. Women are more complex and are bound to leave small clues and the men do not understand that part. As it is seen here, the women are the better detectives than the detectives themselves; which leads to the difference in thought process between the men and women in the story. When both parties are looking for the evidence, it is clear that each have their own thought process as they go through the house. County Attorney says, “No sign at all of anyone having come from the outside. Their own rope. Now let’s go up again and go over it piece by piece.” (Glaspell 83). The men have the thought process of looking at the big details where everything happened and are just there to get the investigation done as much as they can. They literally just try to find the details in the suspect’s story to see if there is any false information. The Narrator says, “Mrs. Peters sits down. The two women sit there not looking at one another, but as if peering into something and at the same time holding back. When they talk now it is in the manner of feeling their way over strange ground, as if afraid of what they are saying, but as if they can not help saying it.”(Glaspell 83). The women just came along with the men because they were to gather some things for the suspect, however, they stumble upon the true evidence and they do not even tell the men of it. Their thought process was to simply look for the items, but now that they know it was the suspect that did the murder, their thought process is to hide the evidence and to finish gathering the things. Unlike the men, who have a thought process of getting the job done, the ladies thought process was to not tell and gather the things with a more relaxed angle. To conclude, the feminist theory is shown in the whole play and the author shows it in all of these ways. She shows how the mocking of women, the true evidence they find, and the thought process between the men and women contribute to the entirety of the purpose being shown. It shows how powerful women can be in many ways and how women and men differ in their brain processing. This plays a role in society as well in the same ways; women are thought to be inferior to men in most ways. This gives the reader a lesson about who people in society are and why it should change; the author does this using the evidence the women find as their power.

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