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As w? all
know that today’s busin?ss ?nvironm?nt is highly dynamic. Th?r? ar? always som?
or th? oth?r typ? of chang?s tak?s plac? in th? busin?ss ?nvironm?nt. So, th?r?
is a gr?at n??d to und?rstand th?s? chang?s and impl?m?nt th?m in your
organizations in ord?r to surviv? in this comp?titiv? mark?t. Th?r?for? to
introduc? chang?s th?r? n??ds prop?r training and d?v?lopm?nt of ?mploy??s so
that th?y can tackl? th? n?w circumstanc?s. H?r? ar? som? points which shows
th? importanc? of l?arning, training and tal?nt d?v?lopm?nt: 

Improv?d ?mploy??
p?rformanc? –
th??mploy?? who r?c?iv?s th? n?c?ssary training is mor? abl? to p?rform in th?ir
job. Th? training will giv? th??mploy?? a gr?at?r und?rstanding of th?ir r?sponsibiliti?s
within th?ir rol?, and in turn build th?ir confid?nc?. This confid?nc? will ?nhanc?
th?ir ov?rall p?rformanc? and this can only b?n?fit th? company. ?mploy??s who
ar? comp?t?nt and on top of changing industry standards h?lp your company hold
a position as a l?ad?r and strong comp?titor within th? industry.

Improv?d ?mploy??
satisfaction and moral? – th? inv?stm?nt in training that a company mak?s shows ?mploy??s
that th?y ar? valu?d. Th? training cr?at?s a supportiv? workplac?. ?mploy??s
may gain acc?ss to training th?y wouldn’t hav? oth?rwis? known about or sought
out th?ms?lv?s. ?mploy??s who f??l appr?ciat?d and chall?ng?d through training
opportuniti?s may f??l mor? satisfaction toward th?ir jobs.

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w?akn?ss?s –
Most ?mploy??s will hav? som? w?akn?ss?s in th?ir workplac? skills. A training
program allows you to str?ngth?n thos? skills that ?ach ?mploy?? n??ds to
improv?. A d?v?lopm?nt program brings all ?mploy??s to a high?r l?v?l so th?y
all hav? similar skills and knowl?dg?. This h?lps r?duc? any w?ak links within
th? company who r?ly h?avily on oth?rs to compl?t? basic work tasks. Providing
th? n?c?ssary training cr?at?s an ov?rall knowl?dg?abl? staff with ?mploy??s
who can tak? ov?r for on? anoth?r as n??d?d, work on t?ams or work ind?p?nd?ntly
without constant h?lp and sup?rvision from oth?rs.

Consist?ncy – A robust training and d?v?lopm?nt
program ?nsur?s that ?mploy??s hav? a consist?nt ?xp?ri?nc? and background
knowl?dg?. Th? consist?ncy is particularly r?l?vant for th? company’s basic
polici?s and proc?dur?s. All ?mploy??s n??d to b? awar? of th??xp?ctations and
proc?dur?s within th? company. Incr?as?d ?ffici?nci?s in proc?ss?s r?sults in
financial gain for th? company.

productivity and adh?r?nc? to quality standards – Productivity usually incr?as?s
wh?n a company impl?m?nts training cours?s. Incr?as?d ?ffici?ncy in proc?ss?s
will ?nsur? proj?ct succ?ss which in turn will improv? th? company turnov?r and
pot?ntial mark?t shar?.

innovation in n?w strat?gi?s and products – Ongoing training and upskilling of th?
workforc? can ?ncourag? cr?ativity. N?w id?as can b? form?d as a dir?ct r?sult
of training and d?v?lopm?nt.

R?duc?d ?mploy??
turnov?r –
staff ar? mor? lik?ly to f??l valu?d if th?y ar? inv?st?d in and th?r?for?, l?ss
lik?ly to chang??mploy?rs. Training and d?v?lopm?nt is s??n as an additional
company b?n?fit. R?cruitm?nt costs th?r?for? go down du? to staff r?t?ntion.

company r?putation and profil? – Having a strong and succ?ssful training strat?gy h?lps
to d?v?lop your ?mploy?r brand and mak? your company a prim? consid?ration for
graduat?s and mid-car??r chang?s. Training also mak?s a company mor? attractiv?
to pot?ntial n?w r?cruits who s??k to improv? th?ir skills and th? opportuniti?s
associat?d with thos? n?w skills.


Cr?at? a SWOT analysis of yours?lf as
a pot?ntial manag?r.


communication skills
Knowl?dg? of
Work?d as a
custom?r s?rvic? r?pr?s?ntativ? so, hav? ?xp?ri?nc?.
Good analytical
Quick l?arn?r

Tim? Manag?m?nt
Lack of
Confid?nc? in d?aling with p?opl?
Lack of much
?xp?ri?nc? in manag?m?nt

To gain
manag?m?nt ?xp?ri?nc?
Bright futur?
of s?rvic? industry
To work in a
comp?titiv? ?nvironm?nt
Boost to my
car??r in manag?m?nt
G?t ?xp?ri?nc?
of d?aling with p?opl?

Unsupport?d at
Company cultur?
Lack of futur?
growth opportuniti?s.



Task 3:

Discuss and ?xplain th? rol?s and r?sponsibiliti?s
of a Manag?r in a r?staurant or bar in Singapor?

In th? rol? of hot?l manag?r you would b? r?sponsibl?
for th? day-to-day manag?m?nt of a hot?l and its staff. You would hav? comm?rcial
accountability for budg?ting and financial manag?m?nt, planning, organizing and
dir?cting all hot?l s?rvic?s, including front-of-hous? (r?c?ption, conci?rg?,
and r?s?rvations), food and b?v?rag? op?rations, and hous?k??ping.

In larg?r hot?ls,
manag?rs oft?n hav? a sp?cific r?mit (gu?st s?rvic?s, accounting, and mark?ting)
and mak? up a g?n?ral manag?m?nt t?am.

Whil? taking a strat?gic
ov?rvi?w and planning ah?ad to maximiz? profits, th? manag?r must also pay att?ntion
to th? d?tails, s?tting th??xampl? for staff to d?liv?r a standard of s?rvic?
and pr?s?ntation that m??ts gu?sts’ n??ds and ?xp?ctations. Busin?ss and p?opl?
manag?m?nt ar??qually important ?l?m?nts.


Manag?rial duti?s vary
d?p?nding on th? siz? and typ? of hot?l, but will includ?:

planning and organizing
accommodation, cat?ring and oth?r hot?l s?rvic?s;
promoting and mark?ting th?
managing budg?ts and financial
plans as w?ll as controlling ?xp?nditur?;
maintaining statistical and
financial r?cords;
s?tting and achi?ving sal?s and
profit targ?ts;
analyzing sal?s figur?s and d?vising
mark?ting and r?v?nu? manag?m?nt strat?gi?s;
r?cruiting, training and monitoring
planning work sch?dul?s for
individuals and t?ams;
m??ting and gr??ting custom?rs;
d?aling with custom?r
complaints and comm?nts;
addr?ssing probl?ms and troubl?shooting;
?nsuring ?v?nts and conf?r?nc?s
run smoothly;
sup?rvising maint?nanc?, suppli?s,
r?novations and furnishings;
d?aling with contractors and
?nsuring s?curity is ?ff?ctiv?;
carrying out insp?ctions of
prop?rty and s?rvic?s;
?nsuring complianc? with lic?nsing
laws, h?alth and saf?ty and oth?r statutory r?gulations.

If you manag? a larg?
hot?l you may hav? l?ss dir?ct contact with gu?sts but will hav? r?gular m??tings
with h?ads of d?partm?nt to coordinat? and monitor th? progr?ss of busin?ss
strat?gi?s. In a small?r ?stablishm?nt, you will b? much mor? hands-on and
involv?d in th? day-to-day running of th? hot?l, which may includ? carrying out
r?c?ption duti?s or s?rving m?als if th? n??d aris?s.

A significant numb?r
of hot?l manag?rs ar? s?lf-?mploy?d, which oft?n r?sults in a broad?r s?t of r?gular
r?sponsibiliti?s, including managing financ?s.


Task 4

As a manag?r, ?xplain why is it important to practic? ?quality
and pr?v?nt discrimination in th? workplac?

Promoting ?quality
within your organization isn’t just about supporting work?rs’ rights to fair tr?atm?nt.
Th?r?’s also a strong busin?ss cas? for making sur? your organization off?rs ?qual
opportunity for all.

p?opl? f??l valu?d: R?s?arch
shows p?opl??njoy working for organizations with good ?mploym?nt practic?s.
You could attract and r?tain b?tt?r tal?nt, as w?ll as improving workforc?
comp?titiv?n?ss: A div?rs?
workforc? may b? mor? in touch with th? n??ds of div?rs? community groups.
So you could b? b?tt?r plac?d to find and ?xploit n?w mark?t opportuniti?s.
corporat? r?putation: ?quality
and div?rsity ar? incr?asingly s??n as an indicator of good corporat?
social r?sponsibility (CSR).


discrimination from your organization is a chall?ng? but on? that can improv?
th? chanc?s that you won’t hav? to battl? form?r ?mploy??s in court or d?vis?
cr?ativ? ways to r?cruit candidat?s. D?v?loping an?qual ?mploym?nt opportunity
policy ?stablish?s a foundation for an organization’s mission and philosophy on
mutual r?sp?ct, but it’s only a start. Commitm?nt to that policy r?quir?s th?
unwav?ring support of th? organization’s high?st l?v?l of l?ad?rship, which
trickl?s down to manag?rs, sup?rvisors and staff.

Mitigat? Liability

discrimination can mitigat? your company’s pot?ntial liability for all?gations
of unfair ?mploym?nt practic?s. F??s for l?gal couns?l to d?f?nd your company’s
?mploym?nt actions, plus s?ttl?m?nt costs, can bankrupt your organization. Th?r?for?,
?liminating discrimination is a critical st?p in cr?ating a workplac? that valu?s
div?rsity. Complianc? with f?d?ral and stat??mploym?nt laws that prohibit
discrimination is fundam?ntal to ?liminating workplac? discrimination. D?v?loping
human r?sourc?s practic?s and solutions for sustaining div?rsity in th?
workplac? also ar??ff?ctiv? m?thods to r?duc? discrimination.


discrimination and ?nsuing conflict from discriminatory ?mploym?nt practic?s
can b? d?moralizing and dish?art?ning for ?mploy??s. ?mploy??s who ar? subj?ct
to discrimination or who ar? off?nd?d by discriminatory b?havior ultimat?ly
look for ?mploym?nt ?ls?wh?r?. Turnov?r has tangibl? and intangibl? costs, such
as incr?as?d cost p?r hir? and lost productivity that r?sults from unfill?d job
vacanci?s. Th? cost of turnov?r alon? for a job that pays $50,000 a y?ar is
approximat?ly $10,000; for a $30,000-a-y?ar job, th? cost av?rag?s 16 p?rc?nt,
or $4,800 to r?plac? th??mploy??, according a cas? study analysis by th? C?nt?r
for Am?rican Progr?ss. Th? cost of turnov?r is high, r?gardl?ss of th? r?ason
or th? job an?mploy?? l?av?s.


discrimination ?rod?s ?mploy?? moral? and ?ngag?m?nt. Th? d?finition of ?mploy???ngag?m?nt
is subj?ctiv? and vari?s gr?atly; how?v?r, most human r?sourc?s l?ad?rs d?scrib?
it as an?mploy??’s ?nthusiastic approach to his job duti?s and a g?nuin? int?r?st
in contributing to th??mploy?r’s organizational goals. Lack of ?ngag?m?nt can b?
mor? costly than turnov?r, according to consultant K?ith Ay?rs. ?mploy??s’ dis?ngag?m?nt
can cost a third to half of an organization’s payroll, Ay?rs claims in his
book, “?ngag?m?nt Is Not ?nough.” In a workplac? wh?r? discrimination
is l?ft unch?ck?d, it has d?vastating ?ff?cts on th? workforc?, including lost
productivity and poor p?rformanc?. ?liminating discrimination is k?y to
sustaining a productiv? workforc? wh?r??mploy??s b?li?v? th?ir ?mploy?rs valu?
th?ir tal?nts and ?xp?rtis?.

R?cruitm?nt Chall?ng?s

spr?ads fast in th? job-s??k?rs’ community about compani?s and th?ir hiring
practic?s. ?arning a r?putation for b?ing a company that condon?s or tol?rat?s
discriminatory ?mploym?nt practic?s can d?stroy your ability to r?cruit job
candidat?s. Cons?qu?ntly, you’ll ?nd up trying ?ntic? candidat?s to join your
firm for high?r-than-mark?t salari?s, only to possibly los? th?m wh?n th?y d?cid?
to r?sign b?caus? of workplac? discrimination


Task 5:

D?scrib? and ?xplain th? charact?ristics
a good l?ad?r should hav? in an F ?stablishm?nt in Singapor?

1. Hon?sty

A good l?ad?r will b? abl? to ?stablish a hon?st conn?ction with
his or h?r p??rs. A r?lationship bas?d on trust and r?liability mak?s th? t?am
know that th?ir l?ad?r is always th?r? for th?m, which in turn inspir?s th?m to
b? th?r? for th?ir l?ad?r.

2. Ability to D?l?gat?

?ach p?rson in a group will b? abl? to bring som?thing diff?r?nt
to th? tabl?, and a good l?ad?r will work with ?ach m?mb?r’s str?ngths and w?akn?ss?s
in ord?r to mak? sur? that th? b?st is b?ing don?.

3. Ability to Communicat?

By cl?arly d?scribing his or h?r id?a to th?ir t?am, th? l?ad?r
will b? abl? to cr?at?a s?ns? of ?as? and und?rstanding with his p??rs. Wh?n ?v?ry
m?mb?r of th? t?am is striving towards a common goal, th?n th?r? is nothing
that cannot b? accomplish?d.

4. S?ns? of Humor

N?gativ? situations will always aris?, but a good busin?ss l?ad?r
will know how to diffus? th?m and h?lp giv? his t?am p?ac? of mind. A str?ss-fr??
work ?nvironm?nt oft?n garn?rs th? most r?sults, and som?tim?s all that is n?c?ssary
to h?lp push your t?am forward is a h?althy dos? of humor in th? fac? of

5. Confid?nc?

A good l?ad?r will show confid?nc? in th? fac? of chall?ng?s,
and will inspir? confid?nc? in his t?am by r?minding th?m that obstacl?s ar?
just th?r? to b? ov?rcom?. Th? confid?nt l?ad?r will k??p his ?y? on th? goal
and will not allow anything d?t?r him or h?r, or th?ir t?am, from succ?ss.

6. Commitm?nt

Som? l?ad?rs may driv? th?ir t?ams to work hard, whil? oth?rs
will constantly b? at th?ir sid?s, giving ?v?ry task th?ir on? hundr?d p?rc?nt.
Th? latt?r is th? typ? of l?ad?r that can ?xp?ct to achi?v? mor?. T?ams work b?tt?r
wh?n th?y s?? that th? on? that th?y answ?r to is right by th?ir sid?, sharing
th?ir struggl?s and triumphs.

7. Positiv? Attitud?

Motivation is th? k?y to succ?ss, and it can b? hard to stay
motivat?d in a n?gativ??nvironm?nt. By k??ping your t?am’s spirits up, you will
b? abl? to motivat? th?m to achi?v? mor?, and not l?t th?m b? both?r?d by minor

8. Cr?ativity

Som?tim?s a difficult situation will aris? that will r?quir? you
to think outsid? of th? box and h?lp your t?am do th? sam?. At such crucial mov?m?nts,
a good l?ad?r will b? abl? to d?monstrat? a uniqu? typ? of cr?ativity that can
h?lp his t?am push through any situation.

9. Ability to Inspir?

Inspiration can tak? many forms, but a capabl? l?ad?r will b?
abl? to d?monstrat? his ability to l?ad and inspir? by motivating his t?am to
shar? his vision.

10. Intuition

Finally, a good l?ad?r will hav? intuition. Som?tim?s obstacl?s
will aris? that nobody will know how to handl?, p?rhaps ?v?n you. In such
situations, it is important to b? confid?nt and mak? a d?cision. No matt?r what
th? d?cision is, if you show that you ar? giving th? probl?m ?v?rything you hav?
got, it will inspir? your t?am to do th? sam?, which can oft?n b? just all that
is n??d?d to h?lp g?t past th? situation to b?gin with.


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