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previously mention the movie is designed by being split up into three plots,
this is the first part. On the 6th of April 1941 in Belgrade, the
capital of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, two men are heading home within the film
we will get to know the two characters as Crni (Blacky) and Marko are heading
home. We are then introduced to Marko’s Brother Ivan who is an animal keeper in
the Belgrade Zoo, he is seen feeding and taking care of the animals. Once they
arrive home Blacky’s pregnant wife Vera becomes informed that Blacky is now a
part of the Communist Party. Soon after we see Blacky sitting at the table
having his breakfast seemingly unbothered by the bombs falling over Belgrade.
All while in the meantime his wife Vera is attacking him verbally claiming that
he has been having an affair with a theater actress. Blacky’s wife Vera is
trying to keep him from leaving the house to go and take a peek at the
devastated city. When he leaves his home he notices that there are ruins and
wild animals escaping the zoo. In this time he sees Marko’s Brother Ivan
carrying a monkey named Soni. Then the resistance of the Yugoslav army has
collapsed leaving the Nazi’s to easily occupy the whole kingdom. Blacky then starts
operating as a communist activist along with Marko and many other characters.
Blacky goes to visit his secret love Natalija who is helping the rebuild the
city under German occupational control. Natalija is a popular actress in the
National Theatre. A high ranking German officer name Franz happens to admire
her a whole lot. Blacky sees this when he goes to see Natalija and she then
hops into the car of the German officer Franz. Marko has been hiding a weapons
storage set up and a hiding spot in the cellar of his grandfather’s house. The
German soldiers than begin to do a door to door search. This is when Marko
takes his brother, Blacky’s wife and many others into the cellar to hide. Vera
is in a lot of pain and is ready to give birth to a baby boy. Right before
passing away she names him Jovan. Blacky and Marko head out for a celebratory
night to go and celebrate the birth of his baby boy, they head to the theatre.
When they arrive they begin to view the show and then they see Natalija
performing on stage in front of Franz and other German officers, Blacky sneaks
his way up to the front of the stage and shoots Franz in the chest. Blacky ties
Natalija to his back and they head over to a boat that is docked. Marko is with
him as well, this is where they have the forced wedding despite Natalija’s
disagreement with the whole marriage. The party comes to a sudden halt when
German soldiers approach the anchored boat. Franz is then seen yelling,
demanding that Blacky and Marko give

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