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As Mahatma Ghandi has once said: ‘A nation’s culture
resides in the heart and in the soul of its people’
it was a great pleasure
all us to share the sentiments in our hearts and souls of Lao culture via the social media regime. To sum up, we cannot deny the true that we are living with technology and social
media affair, therefore we need to adapt and adjust to live with it on the harmonizing way. Technology
social media content have provided us an advance revolution therefore we need to evolve ourselves to
become much more responsible with our act and also keep in mind that our culture is one and only great true asset, we are so fortune enough to have an identification as a Laotian people.
So, please maintain this statement in our heart and combining it with the constantly growth of social media onward.


Luckily for Lao society that this hatred culture is not spread into our culture, however we all together need to prevent it from the future time. Education is very essential matter for our people in order to know
about the consequence of spreading the defamatory statements as well as being able to avoid to become the victim of the bad social media
movement. Furthermore, we need to maintain and preserve our decent culture that is truly
up as individual and let the outsider know more about Laos’ territory as an unique
trait, peaceful, abundant of amazing culture on ward. Therefore, we need stand up and act together in
order to demolish the bad influence from our society by reporting, not sharing
the wrong and unnecessary
information, just this simple act that will absolutely
help our culture’s prosperity
to growing strong


However, in contrast the decent movements are also enhancing the global society
well for instance the
equality  movement  between
 and  woman,  the  progress  of  female  empowerment,
 LGBT movement
many more  goodwill
that  support  the  minority,  the 
equality of  races
 and diminish sexual harassment in every forms. As a result, social media is a neutral platform that simply
drive by anyone who are using
however the content that use on it needs to be advised and evaluated
from us the consumption. As well as us are also the contributors, we also need to be carefully publish and
consider before we are posting anything. More importantly, we should keep in mind that
it needs to
contain a decent content and
a better context toward the

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the most well known one it’s the Pi
Mai Lao festival which is become the signature of Lao culture and attract a lot of attention from abroad as well since it celebrates with a joyful moment and people treat each other so well by splashing pure water with the belief of cleansing your body and mind through the water that has been splashed which is genuinely authentic and consist a very
thoughtful meaning beneath the
adorable fun activity, thus it is also a great way to promote our country in order to attract more
tourists and stimulate the whole socio economic onward. This is just solely
some fact regarding Lao culture and there are plenty of them that are still keep occurring and practicing until these days, which I
for one as a Lao citizen I am so proud of my native Lao origin, as far as I have been concerned Lao
culture is truly
enormous and full of many decent tradition and story within. Since the very
beginning of
when our country
have been inaugurated, as according to the history of forming Lao culture was so vividly and truly wealthy with the component
of our own language, literature, belief and many more
excellent material that deliberately establish Laos PDR as we have known today and more importantly,
our root is never taught us to be aggressive or incited to provoke and making
a confrontation into another
territory in order to obtain as our own however our culture has taught us to be a good and generous kind hearted person. This is the fact that I
would like to make everyone realize of how fortune we are as we were
born and raise on this very peaceful territory. Thus, to
sum up generally
regarding the total aspect of
culture it can be said that culture makes people comprehend and truly understand each other better. And
if they understand each other well in their core, it is definitely
easier to prevail over the economic and political barricades which will ultimately
create more collaboration and gaining more alliance throughout the acceptance of
each other root and the uniqueness
of culture from all around
the world arena.


As the emergence of social media, it is truly promoted our culture into the world wide scheme since there are plenty of sources to channel our culture namely Facebook,  Instagram, Twitter and many more incoming applications which I consider this is a good thing that Lao people will have opportunities to
explore the world as well as sharing our thought via these platform. However, we must acknowledge to
the essential statement that this social media is a very powerful tool that allowing us to freely express ourselves, our perspectives, our emotion through the system providing and more importantly
it can even
influence ourselves as a human behavior. Therefore, we need a ton of attention plus the ability to be able to
control them and being smart enough whenever we are going to post and say something, since every one can see it and you can be misunderstood and even become a victim on the
cyber world. As in Lao culture, we can see that the freedom of speech has been tremendously improved from the past, people can
frankly speak from their mind toward the prominent issues which is something
that I feel proud of since
Lao people are having a voice to genuinely interact and express themselves, however there should have a
censor session that could possibly eradicate those comments and the social media activities that could ignite hatred and bullying, there are occurred some many events that people are using some harsh trashy
words  and  criticize  from  one  side  story  base.
 people  to  analysis  the  whole situations before
making a judgment is a
must. Moreover, since
social media
is become
the main profile
data that could simply access however there are some people that utilize this platform on the wrong steer.
using sexuality, violence in term of verbally and physically, using some contents
that ignite the conflict within the community which truly
contrast to our culture. This is
the essential assignment that we
of us Lao people need to immediately
concentrate on, since the global affair and technology are
gradually and yet certainly modify
on each day, therefore we need to be smart enough to not become a victim
of the social media especially
for the younger generation that they
might get influenced by those
manipulation out there. If we dig deep into the global affair there are so many movements that stimulate radical behavior, generate fear, spreading hatred into the human society by
using social media such as White
Narcissism movement, the encouragement of
Neo Nazism, a
movement of terrorist group
ISIS and many more violent actions that
purposely dividing human

During this period of time we cannot be neglected the fact that technology has constantly
become a huge role in our daily life. We are gradually utilizing technology in every term possible in order to facilitate our
personal matter and using it
to push the limited of a human capacity which create a lot of cutting edge
innovations that could potentially
improve and enlarge our creativity and cultivate our working forces.
Furthermore, technology
come into various platforms and very diverse in term of practicing. Therefore,  technology  has  brought  us  many  useful  contents
 wildly  spread  into
 worldwide scheme. However, the one that have been frequently activated and stood out the most is the ultimate wireless
or commonly known as
the Social Media.


Ever since the term of social media has been initially debuted and presented into our pathway of living, it
has  swiftly  generated  a  lot  of  modification
 world  society,
 and  our perspective
the social affair and tradition as a
whole. Therefore, as consequences, it automatically establishes a lot of impact into the cultural aspect as well. Since the
social media itself has contained the ability
to assist us to witness the infinite of global issues which can be divided into countless sessions for
instance the economic system, the political and social movement, the cultural characteristic from every
each corner
around the global arena and
importantly it potentially links
us as global citizens
in order to connect closely
firmly more than ever. Ultimately, it could inherently redesign our world into a palm hand size by
just one simple click. Like one of the infamous authors David Amerland has been mentioned that: ‘Social media is addictive
because it gives us something
which the real world
lacks: it gives us immediacy, direction and value as an individual’. According
his statement I could
not agree more
with his point of view due to the rapid change of the globalization, people need some instant knowledge that could quickly respond to their demand right away and sometime
it could lead into a false judgment and some misunderstanding
within the concerned context. As for
some sensitive context like the cultural aspect, social media is definitely
transmitted the great impact for both advantages and


thing first, we need to know the precise definition of the word ‘culture’, it has various meaning and
depending on what it has been done and act from generation to generation, therefore it can be purposely
summed up as the behavior and the traditional practicing
within a cluster of people which transmit from
the previous generation to the present generation with the faithful belief and respect to their elderly act
keeping on practicing until recent. Thus, culture is the norm to glorify their set of values, their
conventions and social behaviors toward within a certain field, activity and social characteristic and ultimately it emerges the creation of identification of the specific group of individual. As a result, in the word of culture, it is so much diverse and hugely wide which can be entirely include the everyday life
style of living, the decent traditional practice and even religion, therefore every
culture has its own
characteristic, uniqueness and self-interesting which could not possibly be compared to one another but it is there to learn and respect each other belief without creating
conflict and demolish the other way of living. As for Laos PDR, the country
itself has abundant of traditional activity and a great decent culture
which is truly exceptional and very distinguished from every
culture out there. We were considered
ourselves as a calm and collective group of people with so many
outstanding shine gesture like ‘NOP’ when we are greeting each other, what’s more our language is very
held its originality and extraordinary since
it has its root growth and strong for more than 1000 years which is something truly amazing and us
Laotian people should be extremely
proud of and preserving it toward to the following generation, another
significant fact regarding Lao culture
is that we always help each other and support each other
when we face some exacerbated period and moving forward together and more importantly, Laotian people always look up and respect their elderly more than anything which is truly
the great asset that adhere within Lao culture regime. Moreover, in term of architectural speaking
we also have so many
breath taking monuments such as That Luang, Pathouxay, Ho Pra Keo and many more places that could easily be acknowledged as Lao culture. Furthermore, we also have a lot of festival to celebrate with but

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