As since then England began to persecute this

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As everywhere, here too, I went the way of teaching,
training, and slow conformity, because it was my pdde to carry through this revolution
political as we as economical without destrojdng even one window pane in
Germany, a revolution which leads to the greatest changes the world has ever
seen, and which does not destroy the smallest things, but only changes
everything gradually, which adjusts switch by switch in the new direction,
until this entire great community has foimd its new way.


. . . You have known me for so many years as a careful
man, who always looks ahead. . . . Every situation which is possible, we
soberly weighed and took into account at the end stands our victory.


If we make as many mistakes this year as in the last . .
. I shall thank my Lord God at the end of this year on my knees that he let me
make only seven mistake.

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. . . above individual freedom and above every initiative
of the individual there stands the common interest, and thitt this common
interest is the regulating force, the

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