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As a writer I have learned countless tips and tricks
throughout the course of this semester in Writing 101, including things like:
how to write an essay and how to improve on essays that I have already written,
how to use the Montana State Billings academic support center to have a tutor
look over my work and help me fix all my countless errors and then also improve
on better research habits in the campus library and on the internet. I still
need to improve in all areas of my writing and I’m definitely far far from
being a professional writer.

Some of
my biggest issues I have when writing a paper is the introduction and conclusion.
The introduction and conclusion are what sets your paper apart from others and
makes it a paper to remember. I believe that the most important paragraph in a
paper is the introduction though. Once I finally finish the introduction, I
find the rest of the essay way easier to write. In order for me to get awesome
at writing introductions, I just have to be more original and prolific in the
making of my thesis statement to set the tone of the entire essay.

Next, I
need to achieve better habits of writing and get rid of all my bad ones. I developed
better writing habits over the course of the semester. Even though I took a big
zero on one of my essays I feel that still has helped me in a learning aspect
for me because now I know what it takes for me to receive higher grades on any papers
I write in the future level 200 writing class that I’m taking next semester, so,
this class will propel me into being a great student in that class.

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In middle
school and high school I was starting to learn to write papers and back then I
thought that I was becoming a decent writer, but after coming to MSUB I started
to recognize that my essays were not at the collegiate level that they should
be at. My essays, looking back at them now, were untidy, careless, and poor. Now,
I will use everything from your class Instructor Paige as a base for the future
papers I will be required to write next semester. I also need to put in more
creative words throughout my future essays so it can affect the reader with powerful
words so that it will help the paper stand out remarkably. Getting better at staying
motivated when writing, following the needs of the essay I am to write, and
citing sources; but at the same time applying a sources work in the right manner
will help me develop into a successful writing student.

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