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As one of the faculties in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at K. L. University, I would like to use this Letter to recommend Ch. Yatish Chandra for admission into graduate program at your esteemed university. I have known him for the past 3 years teaching him courses in Thermodynamics(Semester-3) and Applied Thermodynamics (Semester 4). During this time, I have had interactions with Ch. Yatish Chandra on an academic and personal level. What struck me instantly was his commitment to his work and his desire to achieve excellence in whatever he undertakes.

In all my classes, Ch. Yatish Chandra has been an active participant in classroom discussions and has excelled in both the subjects that I have taught him, constantly securing above 85 percent. He has always submitted his assignments and project reports well before deadlines and he is well focused with a keen interest in the practical application of the subject. His habit of relating everything taught in class with the everyday applications has strengthened his base. Doing well academically has not limited his involvement in other sectors.

He took up Internship for 15days in ‘Rastriya Ispat Nigam Limited’, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant in Captive Power Plant and for 15days in ‘Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited’, Hyderabad. He has successfully been part of the student activities and has represented college and organized events and fests exceptionally well. His interest in non-academic activities like ‘Imperial Society of Innovative Engineers (ISIE)- Hybrid Vehicle Challenge 2016-2017’ a National Level Competition, where he and his team need to design and fabricate Hybrid vehicle and participate in various types of events that tested their technical skills. I am proud to say that out of 25 teams, his team stood in 6th place and bagged awards for Go-green and Best Design.

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Ch. Yatish Chandra is a dedicated and organized person underrated by hard work and, in addition to his technical abilities, he is also very polite. I believe that with the skills he attained, he will become an asset to any academic group. Hence, I recommend him for Masters Studies in your university, with absolute faith and his best interest at heart. If there is any question regarding to his reference, please feel free to contact me at any time.

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