As Khan, July – September 2016) 2 .

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As CPEC will
shorten the route to Chinese ports by 12000km thus it would act as a connecting
agent along the geography. Different hubs and economic nodes having a large concentrated
amount of resources would have a connection. It will help in linking demand and
supply sides of market. The route will connect South Asia and East Asia.

China being
an economic power wants the world to change the view about security being more
important than economy. CPEC will greatly help in connectivity in the region
and might play an important role in further globalization . , the term “Greater
South Asia” is debated since a decade, which includes China, Iran, Afghanistan,
and stretches all the way to Myanmar” (khan & Khan, July – September
2016) 2 .



Gwadar port is strategically located not far from the Strait
of Hormuz and at the mouth of the

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Persian Gulf. Second, the Chinese face considerable economic
and strategic challenges from the

US presence in the Asia-Pacific and the Gwadar port will
provide a listening post to keep a tab

on the US naval activities 460 kilometers further west from
Karachi and away from the Indian

naval bases. Third, the Chinese have expedited the process
of developing Gwadar around the

same time as US announced withdrawal of forces from
Afghanistan, thus allowing them to

conduct economic ventures in Afghanistan and other Central
Asian countries (Rizvi, 2016) 3 .

Chinese concern over CPEC is to find an alternative to Strait
of Malacca. The South-China Sea,

which is a rich source of resources and a way towards Strait
of Malacca is being disputed among

China and other Southeast Asian countries. China imports
largest part of its oil supply through

the Strait of Malacca, so it has some reservations that, if
other East Asian countries make alliance

against China, then they can impose naval blockade on narrow
Strait of Malacca and can choke

China economically (Cheeema, 2015) 4 . Gwadar to Kashgar
route will not only decrease the

distance between china and Middle East but will also provide
safe and secure way of oil to china.

As Gwadar is locating at the fore front of Strait of Hormuz
which is the passage way of $40

trillion trade in a year, moreover it will decrease the
shipping cost of china to Middle East and

African countries to great extent.

The Central Asian Republic States (CARs) are situated in the
heart of Eurasia, which presents

exclusive benefit as key transport passage. Due to their
vital geo-strategic location and their

richness in oil and natural gas resources with major
reservoirs in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and

Turkmenistan, all regional and international states –
including Pakistan and China – are desirous

to get into closer interaction with these states. For CARs,
all of the five landlocked countries

wish to get access to the sea and diversification of energy
channel which CPEC project can fulfill

(Butt & Butt, 2015) 8 . In the changing paradigm of
global politics the sea ports are contemplated

as the hubs of economic prosperity and commercial
activities. Gwadar is a deep and warm water

sea port of Pakistan. Pakistan purchased it from Oman in
1958 at the cost of US $3 million.

During the period of 1978 to 1992 a small port was developed
and constructed. In 2007 it was

handed over to Port Singapore Authority (PSA) for further
development and construction work.

This construction work was cancelled in 2012 due to poor
performance by the PSA. Gwadar port

was officially handed over to China Overseas Port Holding
Company (COPHC) for operations

and development on full scale commercial port in 2013.

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