As the Sundarban region,polluting the surrounding air and

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                                                       As seeing the needs and necessities of peoples of Bangladesh as the
nation is developing itself , Bangladeshi government designed a megaproject
named Rampal Powerplant ,a  1320 megawatts coal-fired power
station in collaboration with Indian government at Rampal
Upazila of Bagerhat
District in Khulna, Bangladesh to meet the need. The proposed
project is situated just 14 kilometres north of the world’s largest mangrove
forest named Sundarban,famous for endangered Bengal tiger, and is also a one of
the UNESCO world heritage site.This project is situated on an area of 1834
acres of land, but violates one of the rules which says such projects must be
outside a radius of atleast 25-Kilometres from the outer periphery of an
ecologically sensitive area like Sundarban.

types of megaproject requires not only huge capital investment but also natural
resources like fossil fuels and also creates an boundless and eternal impacts
on the environment.

coal-fired power plants are likely to be installed on a 50:50 equity basis.
They will be run on imported coal and operated by India’s NTPC. Thirty per cent($302M)
of the equity will be shared jointly and the remaining money($1.5B) will be
obtained from debt.

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                                        It has
also been predicted by the ecologists that the power plant will leave a huge
negative impact on environment  as ships
will carry coals to the plant through water way and will pollute water by
dispersed oil from ship,fly ash,sulphur and coal dust.In the sameway, there is
fear of the power plant altering the critical water balance in the Sundarban
region,polluting the surrounding air and water,increasing the impacts on
thermal and bilological and socio-economic.It is also proposed that 33 million
tons of dredge spoil will be removed from the Bay of Bengal and Passur river
and will create channel for coal transfer to the Rampal project site and is directly
supported by Indian government for fulfilling the amounts of coal needed by the
project. The project will also affect the growth and survival of living
organisms at the water bottom and dolphins, fish and water bird.

                                          Rampal power plant would cause at least 6,000
premature deaths and low birth weights of 24,000 babies during its 40-year life
due to air pollution from coal burning (as said by Global environment
organization).After operation of the plant,it will produce a great amount of
toxic gases like carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide and many more
which will also cause air pollutionas well as water pollution and habitats
of  animals and birds of the sundarbans
will be threatened.

                                 Besides a high number of mangrove tree species,several
species of plants, fish, birds, reptiles, mammals, and wildlife species like water
fowl, heron, pelican, spotted deer, rhesus macaques, wild boar,
cats olive ridley turtles and many more lives are threatened by power plant
nearby Sundarbans area. Not only plants or animals lives are in danger but at
the same time the villages nearby this project will also be affected by this

                               We can directly
tell that It’s an anti-state project. It is going to be implemented to destroy
the Sundarbans in a planned way. Moreover green groups have been protesting its
construction near the Sundarbans but  government
officials are showing points like importing high quality coal, building a 275-meter high chimney, employing state-of-the art technology and
other steps to keep its impact on the Sundarbans at a negligible level and  will not negatively affect the mangrove
forest because the emission of green
house gas will also be kept at the minimum
level.So we must still think that whether we want the development of country
and securing our futures or facing the little impacts on our lives due to





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