As minutes contact time. With initial metal

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As the sludge
mass increases the number of binding sites for the ions also increases. Removal
efficiency increases for Cadmium from 37.61 to 61.11%, for Copper 23.36 to
50.28%, for Nickel 12.04 to 27.54% and Zinc is 9.2 to 36.28% as the mass
increases from 0.5g to 3g. As contact time was increased from 15 to 240 minutes
the removal efficiency increased three to four fold. The maximum removal was
obtained for 45 minutes contact time. With initial metal ion concentration the
removal efficiency decreased. The reason may be agglomeration and aggregation
of adsorbent particles at higher concentration, leading to decrease in surface
area available. Mixing speed was found to increase the removal
efficiency.(Sunil et al., 2014)


In this study,
there are four types of heavy metals that used to determine the concentration
of their heavy metals by using AAS.In table 4.10 was shown the data
concentrations of heavy metals by using AAS(mg, L) and in figure 4.10 was
illustrated the relationship between the concentration heavy metals and days of
the sample.The graph was shown the concentration of heavy metals was decreased
which is the longer the days, the lowest the number of concentrations heavy
metals. According to the standard A and B that shown in table L at appendices,
the standard for A and B was summarized in table 4.11 for four types of heavy
metals.(Roslan et al., 2013).


The Environmental Quality Act
(EQA) 1974 specifies two standards for effluent discharge: Standard A for
discharge upstream of any raw water intake, and Standard B for discharge
downstream of any raw water intake. The current Third Schedule of the
Environmental Quality Act 1974, under the Environmental Quality (Sewage and
Industrial Effluents) Regulations, 1979, regulations 8 (1), 8 (2) and 8 (3) has
been revisited and the Department of Environment has proposed 8th Schedule for
the Act which stipulates 

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