photosynthesis with need water, carbon dioxide, solar panel to produce the
liquid fuels. And the oxygen and hydrogen form water. Oxygen for human who
living in space settlement and hydrogen for microorganisms with carbon



Ø water
is essential for human survival. We cannot live without water. So, in order to
fulfill our need we are going to obtain water with the help of the following

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Ø CO2 + 4H2
——> 2H2O + CH4

Carbon dioxide can be easily obtained from
mars. So, one part of the job is done now, to obtain hydrogen the asteroid
mining system from our ENDOWER will help.

Hydrogen can be obtained from the asteroids
that will be captured.

From the hydrogen and carbon dioxide obtained
we can easily obtain water. The methane gas can be emitted from the settlement
using the exhaust systems present. Therefore water is also obtained and the
harmful methane gas is also emitted.


The water that is already obtained is used only
when there is a need. No water is wasted. The urine, sweat and all other forms
of water that are disposed are recycled and sent back to the settlement for
further use.

In this way water is used efficiently.



earth it has waste in every area in earth so in space settlement we give more
important for waste management first we collect waste form house in torus by
pipes like drainage but advanced in pipes we end to air lock disposal in that
place we have electromagnet in up of air lock disposal it will attracted the
metal and it will go to recycle place and another material like plastic will go
recycle place and remain material will get cube by robot like wall-e it compress
the material in shape of cube it will send to place it will close the door it
will open the door of air lock disposal it close then the next waste material
will follow this step for last long.



if we are in place which is far from the rover we
can call through e-phone the waves from the phone goes to the main server of
hover and then goes to rover in which we came and it comes to us. Uses will be
store in serve of endower .


Advantages of e-rover


Ø it
is very easy to use in e-watch to control if we don no to ride the rover if we
select place where we want to go when automatically.

Ø it
has suspension in wheel for climb a stares and stability holder will come up
for holding.

Ø the
speed of the e-rover is 25 to 30mph.



It is a candy like structure, we should eat that
candy weekly once and when it goes through our mouth to stomach and it melts
and a nano robot comes it joins in some part of the body and it scans the
energy level, blood pressure etc…from the brain after one week it goes out of
our body by excretion and it shows the report in our e-watch ,e-Lenz and in

Asteroid mining

this is a perfect process for getting minerals from
asteroid and we will send space machine it goes near  the asteroid and catch it and a small door
will open from it some 3 to 5 rovers will come and research in which place more
minerals are there and it will come back and gives the report again we send
some rovers in that some rovers will drill and some will carry the minerals.


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