1. ______________ dish which you
prepared yesterday tasted good.

             a) A     b) An     c)
The    d) No article

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1. The flight goes to Canada _____

 a) through    
b) by   c) via   d) between


Error Spotting:-

I.The men said(1)/ that they
would(2) /starve rather than(3)/to surrender(4)/No error(5)

1       b) 2        c) 3      d) 4       e) 5

Sentence Improvement:-

1. Dissent within the West Indies
cricket team spill out  into the open
on Monday with two factions of players over team  selection.

 a) spills out b) spilling out c) spilled out
d) spilled at e) No improvement is required




1. Glib


(a) Fluently insincere    (b) Voluble                        (c) crib                              (d) Incorrigible


Spelling Correction:-

1. a) cede         b) ceed           c)
cead            d)caed


One Word Substitution:-

1. Indulge in a carefree or
voluptuous way of life

a) wonder b) remorse c) wanton d)



1. Utter

a) uncertain                 b)whisper        c)stark             d)complete



1. No man’s land

a) a land that no one can live

b) a land that is empty

c) a land that no one owns

d) a land that no one goes




1.         Movies
featuring Tom & Jerry, Dennis the Menace, Tarzan, Mickey Mouse and Donald
Duck are very popular with children.

2.         Today,
we don’t think of a cartoon as being associated with a great art but at one
time, it was.

3.         In
Paris, there was a magazine called Charivari and in London there was the famous

4.         In
the days before the newspaper artists like Hoarth, Daumier and Rawlandson made
a series of drawings on a single theme.

5.         During
the period of Italian Renaissance, the term ‘Cartoon’ meant the first sketch in
actual size of a large work of art, such as mural (wall painting).

13425          b) 13452          c) 25431          d) 25413


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