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Communication is paramount for successful business; management of an organization has the mandate of ensuring their organization have effective communication strategies as doing so will enhance performance in the company. Internal communication involves the communication that takes place between employees, business leaders, section heads and top management.

Organizations with effective internal communication strategies are more successful than organizations that care-less about their mode of communication. Management gurus are of the opinion that communication facilitates sharing of ideas, opinions, and observations which in turn favors innovation and invention. With effective communication, creativity within an organization can be maintained and natured.

This report undertakes an article analysis; the article called “Efficient Communication Between A Manager And An Employee As A Way To Sustainable Development Of The Contemporary Organisation-Based On Empirical Research” written by Wziatek-Stasko in 2011. The report will discuss communication within an organization as well as how it affects the general performance of an organization in light with the article.

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Article review

According Wziatek-Stasko 2011, management have the mandate of ensuring that the structures maintained in their organization enable effective and quality sharing of information among staffs and management. With effective information sharing, management is able to tap their human capital intellectualism.

Effective communication is a tool of effective human resources management. When human capital can communicate and share their ideas, opinions, and feelings with each other and with the management, their rate of motivation will be enhanced (Wziatek-Stasko, 2011). Motivated staffs are more productive than de-motivated staffs, they are the building blocks that an organization should value and invest in.

According to the article, human capital management should be designed to teach the workforce practical skills, that will help an organization to manage the workforce and their careers for optimal effectiveness; the above can only be attained when the management has an effective communication policy. Effective communication increases value of employees; this is through the development of training, coaching, and mentoring of human capital.

Managers are well aware that the management of human capital and labor force is essential for an organization; an organization’s workforce is its Human capital. For the quality management, then communication should be enhanced at all levels of management. This workforce is commonly regarded as human capital in organizations that recognize the economic impact of its workers.

Organizations that do not invest in human Capital face the threat of decreasing productivity and profitability. Most organizations tend to focus more on resource utilization and increase the efficiency and production of their Human Capital. Therefore, Human Capital can be viewed as the process through which a company pools together resources and utilize their capabilities to meet the organizations goals.

The article looks into the relationship between customer management skills and communication within an organization; the article is of the view that those organizations with effective communication are likely to have good customer service. When handling customers employees are more willing to consult among themselves an element that boosts their knowledge, enhances their intellectualism and grows their talents. Sharing of information is crucial in ensuring that customers needs have been handled effectively.

According to the article, in the fast growing marketplace, leaders had started to believe that they need to have trained employees; training can only be effective when management has enacted effective communication in their company.

The article sees on-job training as a continuous activity that happens in an organization and supported by the communication structures of the company. Employees must be armed with well-developed skills and the best of knowledge to be ready to face the increasing change and growth; to develop the talents and enhance their growth communication is paramount.

It is important for any organization to have knowledgeable employees with high abilities and use their experience and skills to help organization succeed. Moreover, to build strong organizations that could compete in the marketplace. Training and developing employees is important for organizations, which open doors for the best employees to join the organization and be the destination for the best in every field. This can make the organization superior to other organizations (Bravo, & Fuentes, 2010).

Personal opinion

The article articulates quality reasons and support of the need to have effective communication in an organization. The article looks into current and future needs of effective communication structures and the benefit that an organization is likely to get from such reliable structures.

The only challenge that the article failed to address is the challenge that management face when enacting communication structures in their organizations. It’s evident that having reliable structures calls for high rate of investments both financially and in form of intellectualism. The article creates an impression that enacting policies is an easy task that can be attained when the management feels like; however this is not the state on the ground. Enacting a policy is complicated and needs much thinking and structuring (Yan, 2007).

When discussing the topic, the article failed to offer examples and extracts from real situations, it discusses the topic in general terms; in an academic article, it is important to quote different companies and how they have benefited from the tool quoted.


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