Artemis – also known to the Romans as Diana – is one of the twelve Olympian gods who lived on Mount Olympus.Her father is Zeus, the god of the sky and ruler of the gods, and her mother is Leto, a Titan goddess.  Apollo – the god of the sun, light, music, and knowledge – is her twin brother.Zeus was looking for someone to casually have sexual relations with. He came across Leto and she was equally attracted to him. Zeus ended up cheating on Hera. She found out about the affair and sent Python to chase Leto. Hera declared that she could not give birth anywhere the sun shines (The Birth of Artemis and Apollo).She gave birth to Artemis in Ortygia. In some versions of this myth, when she was born, she saw that her mother was in pain, so she took Leto over to the straits between Ortygia and Delos, where she gave birth to Apollo under the sacred trees of Leto. More uncommon versions say he was born underground, in Lycia, or in Ortygia (The Birth of Artemis and Apollo).Artemis is the Greek goddess of the moon, hunting, childbirth, and virginity. She is also the protector for young girls and wild animals (Greek Gods & Goddesses).According to The Lincoln Library of Greek & Roman Mythology, When she was a child, Artemis asked Zeus to make her a promise that she would never be forced to marry and to have eternal virginity. He swore on the River Styx that he would grant her whatever she wanted, so he agreed to fulfill Artemis’s wishes. He also gave her a silver bow with quivers, a group of hunting dogs, and a group of forest nymphs (108-110).Artemis also led a group of nymphs that her father gifted to her. They always joined her when she would travel through the mountains. She also required them all to remain virgins. One of Artemis’s favorite nymphs, Callisto, was raped by Zeus. To help her avoid the wrath of Hera, Zeus turned Callisto into a bear. In similarity to Zeus’s affair with Leto, Hera was fully aware of what happened. Hera tricked Artemis into shooting a bear, which turned out to be Callisto (Classical Mythology: Night of the Hunters: Artemis and Apollo).Artemis’s symbols are the bow and arrow, deer, hounds, bears, snakes, the moon and the cypress tree (Tales Beyond Belief).Artemis is usually depicted as a young woman wearing animal skins and carrying a bow with arrows. She’s also frequently pictured with a stag (Mythweb). Artemis was a part of some popular Greek myths.Niobe bragged that she was superior to Leto because she had many children and Leto only had two, Artemis and Apollo, and that her children were more beautiful. The twins were outraged by the insult she had directed toward their mother and killed most of Niobe’s children. As Niobe was crying over the loss of her children, Zeus had turned her into stone, where she would be forced to cry forever (Mythweb). Artemis only ever fell in love with one person, Orion. Apollo did not approve of Artemis’s relationship. He tricked her into ending their relationship by challenging her archery skills. To prove him wrong, Artemis shot her bow and arrow at an object in a lake. The object was Orion’s head, but Artemis was not aware of this. She shot the target perfectly and killed her only love (Orion).The Temple of Artemis is a shrine paying homage to the goddess. The Temple was created in the 6th century BCE in Ephesus, which is now our modern-day Turkey. It was built by King Croesus of Lydia and designed by Chersiphron and his son. The Temple is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, along with other famous places such as the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Statue of Zeus. The site of the Temple of Artemis was conveniently placed at a crossroads, so it attracted many visitors. With the variety of visitors, Artemis has been incorporated into deities of other religions and belief systems. The design of the temple was uncommon in Greece. It was a combination of Classic Greek and Near-Eastern design style. Inside, it had sculptures of Amazon warriors and multiple paintings on the walls. The Temple of Artemis was destroyed and rebuilt on several different occasions. The most popular being when it was set on fire in 356 BCE by Herostratus so he could become famous. Also, It was rebuilt after Alexander the Great died and was destroyed once more in 262 CE by the Goths. The only thing remaining of the temple is a single column (The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus: The Un-Greek Temple and Wonder).

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