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Are Political Parties in Decline?
No: Ronald Landes In Defence of Canadian Political Parties
Strong point-
Ronald Landed mentions that the several functions of a political party
focus on the responsibilities of it. His strongest point too lies within the
responsibilities of political governing. Walt Bagehot explains that a
political party’s chief role is to join the government’s executive portion to
that of the legislative portion. In short, Bagelot believes that parties force
the government to run smoother, and encourage them to solve more problems.

Weak point-
Landes’ weakest point is in regards to the function of party financing.

More spefically the electroal functions of the parties financing. He feels
that because a party can raise money year in and year out (in fact the money is
flowing more than ever), that the organization is successful. A simple
explantion exists explaining why more money is coming into the political
parties. First of all government legislation has changed regarding the amounts
of donations which can be made, i.e. parties can now take more, and larger
donations. Secondly, politicians are more bussiness oriented and influenced by
large corporations and recieve large donations for corporate involvements.

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Parties are not more influencial due to more money, nor are they better

Yes: John Meisel Decline of Party in Canada
Strong point-
John Meisel states that the primary factor leading to the dircet
declination of political parties in Canada is the rise of the bureaucratic
state. Modern Politics have eclipsed the past when political parties did not
need to gain specific knowledge as the focused on a few key points rather than
large amounts of responsibility. Today too many complex issues are dumped upon
our elected representatives, and they have no hope in being able to deal with
all the issues or give the proper amount of time and care. The development of
appointed civil severents has greatly aided in the solution of this problem, but
unfortunatley the elected representitives have lost control over the matters.

Meisel stated that politicians now can only sit back and observe the results of
the civil servants and accept these results. The officials now can no longer
act for the good of the people but rather must obey the control of the civil

Weak point-
Meisel’s weakest point is the decline of the parties due to the media. He
states in his article that television, the largest form of media, has
transformed poltics into a “show” in which the politians play for the camara’s
and try to entertain the public. However, it doesn’t seem fair to blame the
politians for playing up their roles in society without condeming the very
actions of society which causes the problems of the media in the first place.

Is the problem the politians effect on the media, or the media effects on the
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