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ARBITRAGEThe developed arbitrage algorithm executes simultaneous purchase and sale of a cryptocurrency pair toprofit from a difference in the price between different exchanges. The algorithm uses 24/7 live data stream oforder books from several exchanges that fulfil the background check criteria.The trading algorithm only executes arbitrage trades when all of the predefined criteria are checked. Thecontrol parameters are adjusted in real-time. One simple criterion is sufficient divergence, the minimum 25January 201812 AM UTC8MCRPStart Date CoinsRound Coin Quantity1 16000002 16000003 16000004 16000005 1600000difference in prices between two exchanges that still enables a profitable trade after netting the executionfees.Another criterion is the depth and the deviation of the market order book, which insures that the trade isexecuted simultaneously or it does not enter the trade at all. In the second development phase, when therepresentative sample will be big enough for implementation, we intend to use machine learning techniquesto train the classifier which will automate the decision making process for executing trades. In particular, wewill use expert knowledge to extract features, which describe data in the best possible manner.AI TRADEBOTIn finance, if you could monitor all Goldman Sachs’ transactional accounts, you would have the competitiveadvantage of positioning yourself before the big market movements. In most cryptocurrencies, addresses andtransactions are part of a publicly distributed ledger. While it is impossible to follow the accounts andmovements manually, we have proprietary self-learning algorithm that will be able to track & pool addressesinto matching patterns. In the second step, the algorithm compares transaction flows against the historicaldata and forms the output of predefined pattern recognition. Focus is on the implementation potential at thethree initial levels:Monitoring of crowd sale raised funds within the lock up periods (tracking crowd sale addresses).Recognition pattern for market manipulation schemes such as pump and dump (anomaly in the number ofparticipating transactions from repetitive or connected addresses).Unusual movements (outliers) in the known major institutional addresses.FORECASTING PRICE MOVEMENTS:We use time series approach to monitor and evaluate general trends in selected cryptocurrencies. This helpsus identify potential volatility and positioning opportunities on chosen cryptocurrency in the future. Thevalue of a cryptocurrency changes with time and, therefore, it can be considered a time series. Artificialintelligence, and especially machine learning methods, are proven to be of essential asset of finding repeatingpatterns, predicting the future course, and the trend of the time series. Machine learning methods usuallyuse numerous hand-crafted features, some of them representing the expert knowledge and some of themare extracted using statistics of the time-series itself (mean, standard deviation, mean crossing rate). In thisway, the machine learning model is able to analyze thousands and sometimes millions of feature vectors inorder to learn some patterns and better forecast the future trends. In our approach, we will additionallyinclude contextual information about the current value, which is not present in the time series data itself, butit is known and available for human experts. This contextual information includes lock up periods (forexample, tracking crowd sale addresses), movements in the known major institutional addresses Arbitrage and price forecasting strategies are not sensitive to one direction price movements, like buy andhold strategies, and therefore enable you to profit in times of both bull (raising prices) and bear market(falling prices).Every cryptocurrency investor is heavily exposed to any potential market corrections, downtrends, or biggerturmoil that could cause the instability of the prices and result in a loss of part, or all of the investor’s cryptoinvestments.Through investment in arbitrage and market making, you can hedge your existing investments and secureyour stream of profits in cases of market downturns or increased volatility. In fact, we embrace volatility as intimes of swinging market prices the arbitrage spreads are higher and our profitability margins expands. Viceversa, arbitrage spreads are lower when the markets move in a narrow sideways frame.Four Investment Opportunities of Cryptoneum (CRP) will bring substantial interest to people who invest theirwealth in it to receive interest on the balance in return for helping maintain the security of the network.LENDINGEarn daily interest on Cryptoneum Lending.Earn interest on holding Cryptoneum coin.Earn profit with Cryptoneum tradingEarn profit from invitation and building marketing networkWith the Cryptoneum coin lending program we provide a peer2peer platform which solves a critical problemin the crypto-space by allowing the cryptoneum Holders to acquire crypto-loans and help each other. TRADINGYou can make a serious profit at the internal (or external) exchange by purchasing CRP coins and then resale for ahigher price.In order to allow professional traders to join us, we launch our coin to big external exchanges, where you can buy andsell them.Anyone can get involved and trade 24/7. With the right strategies you can regularly profit from the volatility.CRP are truly international since they can be traded in all countries, at any time, and across different timezones during business hours. Later after the ICO gets over is will be listed on the external exchanges likeetherdelta, coinexchange etcBONUS COMMISIONHaving a large community is a big advantage to get more benefits from our bounty program We highly appreciatesevery effort. 12% bonus commission will be added during or after the ICO to your ETH Wallet Balance when your F1/F2makes a purchaseTEAMOur commitment to all of you. To fulfill our commitment in the best possible way, we work closely with the businessand Engineers on issues related to design and requirements.Development TeamThis is our key Team; their skills and expertise are our main budget line. Show flexibility to respond to the changingneeds of the business. Gain enough business knowledge to be able to actively participate in specifying softwaresolutions for business need. Actively contribute to the process of continual improvement, with regard to self, team andsystemsManagement TeamA remarkable success requires a long-term vision as well as leading management experience, that is the reason why wedecide to work with the most experienced and talented managers in technology, marketing and business fields.Instead of wasting time for unfeasible matters, we choose to work with experienced and successful experts, who knowpaths to their financial success with numerous projects and know such paths for others.Third party partnersComplementing to our own team, we also cooperate with Third party partners. We believe in their great contributionto success of cryptoneum coin thanks to their outstanding experience and skills. We are very selective in terms ofchoice of our possible partners, ensuring that all together we would be able to provide you with the best products andservices ever.PRIVACY POLICYThis website is owned and operated by Cryptoneum coin.Cryptoneum coin is committed to maintaining and protecting your privacy when using its website. Our privacy policyexplains the types of information we collect from you and how this is used. This policy applies solely to the information you provide while visiting this website and does not relate to information collected or distributed by means other thanthe site, e.g. via telephone or postal mail.• Collection of personal informationWe sometimes request users of our website to voluntarily provide personal information. This information may includeyour name, e-mail address, contact address. We will never ask for your passwords or private keys . User are solelyresponsible for there password and security.• Retention policyCryptoneum protects its users’ privacy. The Privacy Policy explains the way we collect, use and share the informationthe users provide us while accessing or using the web-site. We reserve the right to make changes of the Privacy Policy.Any changes of the. Privacy Policy will be posted on the Website. By using the Website, any user must agree to bebound by the terms of the Privacy Policy.• Use of InformationWe do not sell the user’s personal identifying information to the third parties. We use the information for the purposeof improving the Website and services provided via the Website; researching on the user’s activity and interests;preventing fraudulent transactions, unauthorized or illegal activities; protecting the rights and properties ofCryptoneum• SecurityWe protect the user’s personal information against accidental, unlawful or unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration,access, disclosure or use. However, we are not responsible for the cases the user provides access to the technicaldevices or the personal information to the third parties.FAQQ. What are the Investment Opportunities in Cryptoneum platform?A. Our platform provides investors with many advantages of lending, trading services. You can join our program tomake money through referrals from introducing new investors and get 12% bonus. You can get an attractive and hugeprofit level.Q. How to buy Cryptoneum Tokens?A. STEP 1: Register an account.STEP 2: Fill in the amount you would like to buySTEP 3: Send the exact amount from your own wallet to our addressSTEP 4: Receive your tokens directly in your own wallet when you have sent your ETH. Click on confirm in ourdashboardQ. When will commission bonus be added to my account?A. We highly appreciates every effort. 12% bonus commission will be added during or after the ICO to your ETH WalletBalance when your F1/F2 makes a purchase.Q. What is the minimum / maximum amount to buy CRP tokens?A. The minimum is only 100 CRP tokens per single purchase. The maximum is 100000 CRP tokens in a single purchase incrowdsale.Q. Where can I access further information or need some helps?A. Email [email protected] is always available to support you. Join with us on Tele channel to updateCryptoneumcoin news. And our homepage is the best option to follow & keep contact: www.cryptoneumcoin.coQ. Which currency Cryptoneum accept for lending?A. Cryptoneum lending accepts Cryptoneum coin (CRP) as mode of payment. Cryptoneum system uses US dollars valuefor all lending investment and profit payout.Q. Can I activate my Suspended Cryptoneum account?A. Yes. You can appeal to re-activate your suspended account by contacting Cryptoneum support. We may ask you toprovide valid reason with proof to revoke the suspension status.

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