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1.1million patients in the United States and various heads of state prefer
seeking medical attention at Mayo Clinic to other hospitals. This is due to the
difference witnessed in the service delivery and customer service as discussed

            The first contrast between Mayo Clinic and other medical
facilities is in the way the patients are received and welcomed into the
clinic. In other hospitals, new patients go by themselves either to the
reception or to the waiting bench. At Mayo, there are greeters who receive such
patients and guide them throughout the administrative protocol. A warm smile bids
goodbye to the patients as they leave the hospital. The patients are called by
their names. This kind of service make patients to feel appreciated and also
good relationship is created between the staff and patients.

            Another contrasting feature between Mayo Clinic and other
health centers is the outstanding teamwork that perfects service delivery. When
a patient arrives at the clinic, a team comprised of different blend of health
experts are waiting. The members of the team (radiologists, surgeons, nurses
among other specialists) work together in diagnosing individual patient’s
problems in which a solution is discussed with the patient later on by the team
leader. This is a rare occurrence among many hospitals. This process is seldom

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            A surgery process may take more than 24 hours in other
medical facilities. The same process is done within 24 hours at Mayo Clinic.
The medics at Mayo prioritize the patients’ medical need immediately they find
it necessary to perform surgery on them.

            Patients at Mayo get better medical attention and care
than in other hospitals. This is as a result of doctors at Mayo being paid a fixed
salary. Other doctors are paid according to the number of patients they attend
to. Such action may trigger greedy among medics because they may give
insufficient service to patients. Mayo Clinic administration saw it better to
ensure physicians work together and deliver the best for their clients.

            Nevertheless, Mayo Clinic are determined to better their
customer service delivery than other profit-making hospitals. The income is
invested in the medical research and education of its staff and students. This
ensures that the patients get the quality medical care. Other hospitals do not
consider the improvement of medical attention rather on their own welfare.

Question Two

            There is a contrast in making a patient happy and
providing the best medical care possible. A patient can receive the best
medical attention in a medical facility but leave that center sad and
dissatisfied. Being happy begins from the reception of the patient. The
customer service delivery is essential in determining the happiness of a
patient. For instance, if the receptionist will be harsh and rude to the
patients, the patients will not be glad even after receiving the best medical
care from the doctors. A patient can be happy even though he or she did not
receive the best medical attention if he or she will be shown love, empathy and
given hope.

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