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Application Committee,

York University,

I am applying for Osgoode hall school’s Maters of law
(Common law professional) program Fall 2018 session. Having completed my Baccalaureate
of Law (BA.LLB(Hons)(2011-2016)  from
University Institute of Legal Studies, Panjab University, I wish to apply for
LLM (Common Law) in order to gain advance academic understanding, and  furthering my career prospect.

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Law has
always been a subject that intrigued and inspired me since my childhood. The
movie “few good men” had a profound impact upon me .The very notions of justice;
equality and fraternity have inspired me and made me plan my life in consonance
with these principles. The very notion of law as a subject capable of empowering
me as well as bestowing me with the capability of empowering other citizens
really overwhelmed me. This buttressed law as my first choice. It was matter of
self empowerment as I chose what I loved.

My study
at the law school was a blessing for it provided me with the opportunity of not
only studying various subjects of law but in parallel it provided me with the
opportunity of taking part in extracurricular activities such as moots, client
counseling, trial advocacy. All these things taught me the importance of
research work and in depth knowledge of law. The course helped me in developing
legal acumen and further geared up me with all the essentialities to tackle
future endeavors. This was also the time when I was actively involved in
Student welfare organizations. Leaving apart the academics, I think there are
other facets to life that are really indispensable in order to have a happy and
a fulfilling life. I had the opportunity of running for the student president
election. Acting as the student representative gave me the opportunity of
interacting with not only the student but also teachers, professors and other
staff of the university. That was watershed moment when I learned that truth is
never absolute, it is always proportional. Ingraining this concept helped me
act as a crucial link between the students and professors. In the interaction
with the professor I came to know the magnanimity of law apart from statutes.
As it is said, that the biggest room in this world is the room for self
improvement. I was motivated by my colleagues and teachers to look further in

passing I joined as a junior with Advocate Vinay Bhandari, a renowned lawyer at
the Chandigarh district courts.. The experience of trial on “question of fact”
held at the district court is quintessential for any lawyer whether he wants to
practice at the appellate courts or the trial courts. The peculiarities
involved, unshackled my mindset from a student into a responsible, concerned
and honorable lawyer working for the welfare of the people and further helping
me in ameliorating the plight of the people.

Thereafter I got the opportunity
of working under the supervision of Advocate Gursharan Kaur Mann at the Punjab
and Haryana High court. It is here that I got to draft  a public interest litigation. The
PILs allow any member of the society to file a case at the high court relating
to issues relevant to the society at large. The PIL that we filled related to
the “Poor
state of the drug de addiction centers” in the state of Punjab. The
drafting experience was unique in the sense that the issue involved the reading
of the statutes through the prism of “due process of law” and even if the
action of the executive traced it enabling provision through the statutes
enacted by the legislature, its validity was brought into question in the court
of law on the grounds of the violation of implicit fundamental rights enshrined
in our constitution.  It helped imbibe the
habit of seeing the true purpose the statute seeks to achieve and checking
whether the provision whose “raison de etre” is that purpose, are they in
consonance with it or not. I would categorize this moment as the turning point,
which made me apply for the LLM program. The thought of advancing higher
academic knowledge was always present in my mind since the start of law school
but this was the moment of enlightenment. I realized that I require further
academic specialization, which in turn I can apply professionally whether at
courts or corporate houses.

experience at the courts taught me to think out of box, brought to my knowledge
the concept of the globalizing world, transgressing legal repository of the
various countries not limited to geographical boundaries. The concept of
welfare of the people and the commonsense applicable to the interpretation of
law and in its application is applicable universally to the legal mechanism of
the various sovereign states.

my search for furthering my aspiration of achieving a LLM degree through a
reputed law school, Osgoode Hall law school’s program of Common Law LLM made
perfect sense. It allows me to extend my career prospects as a foreign trained
lawyer practicing in Canada, India and various common law countries on the
other hand it provides me an opportunity of enriching and developing my knowledge
under the guidance of world class trained faculty. I wish to achieve clarity
over legal concepts and knowledge over various other domains of law. Another
reason for my choice of Osgoode is that I would get an opportunity of learning
in a classroom full of students from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Osgoode
class is a point of convergence of people from various cultures and background which
would give a whole new meaning to the experience of learning. I believe that
learning is not only accumulation of degrees but instead it is the development
of the personality of a person, aware of social and cultural understanding. In
addition to the above factors Osgoode college has a rich historical background
established in 1889 (approx same time period as that of Panjab Univeristy(1882).
The school has got a legacy and history which I think is one of its niche
points. In addition, the location of the school in the   financial capital of Canada, home to various
legal corporate houses would surely be beneficial to any person desiring a
master’s degree in law.  

 “Turia turia ja Farida,uth khada ho duniya
dekhan ja” is a famous couplet by the sufi singer Baba Farid popular in western
part of Indian subcontinent comprising of present day Pakistan and India. These
lines and the poem in totality ask the man to move, have motion in life and
seek the beautiful world. I am ardent supporter of the same theory, life is not
supposed to live in inert state. A man should always strive for more
experiences in life. What Baba Farid said centuries back is still applicable

Legal system though miles apart have many things in common for the fact that
both owe their genesis to the British system, and even the setup of the
government with a centralizing tendency with co operative federalism is common
to both. I believe that I would be able to assimilate both the worlds and with
my experience in Indian legal system, I would be able give back to the law
school culminating into a symbiotic relation between the two.

You for considering my application. It would be an honor to learn and pursue my
passion at the institution.   



#1418-A, Sector 61





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