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Recruitment Process

Apple recruitment process starts with each applicant going through 3 to 4 rounds of
interviews, that is if Apple is satisfied with the resumes you’ve given them.
Details of the first interview will be notified to the candidates after about 2
to 4 weeks.
The first interview will be a group interview.
Applicants will be set in a group setting with about 15 other candidates.
During this first interview, Apple employees will ask each candidate a series
of social questions, social and more of a people person would be what Apple
really wants. During this interview as well, the candidates will also be
present for several role-play scenarios in which they get to act both as the
Apple employee and as the customer. Each parts of the interview will be
carefully screened, even the interactions between candidates. The most
important point was to dress properly, smile and ask questions.
If the candidates have passed the first
interviews, then there will be a background check.
The second interview will be notified within 2
to 6 days or a week span and a phone call will be received by each candidate
who had passed the first one. They will be asked about their opinion on Apple,
about their interest of job position in Apple, etc. This phone call interview
might last for 15 minutes and the candidate will be ask to come in person for
another interview in which they will be asked of their past experience and how
to handle certain situations and many other things. The interview will be done
one on one with the store manager.
For the third interview, every response of the
candidate might be evaluated, like will the candidate respond with a question
or a situation. It might also be possible that they were told not to wear
anything formal like shirt and tie, so in conclusion they might also be
evaluated by their clothing. The questions asked in the third interviews would
most likely similar to the last 2 interviews about how they past experience and
how to handle certain situations. This interview will be done one on one with
the general manager.
For the last interview, the candidate will be
ask to come into another one on one interview with the head manager/high level
manager. At first, it might be like the past three interviews, some standard
questions were asked, but it might get to more personalized question about the
past of the candidates. The interview might last for 20 minutes and it was said
that the candidate will be notified within 3 to a week span.

The rejection which happen to most of the applicants
will be notified either using emails or phone calls, but it was more common
that it will be done through emails.

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acts done by apple

An audit of Apple’s Chinese factories details
“serious and pressing” concerns over excessive working hours, unpaid
overtime, health and safety failings, and management interference in trade unions. Apple has been accused of relying on students working
illegal overtime to build the iPhoneX, through its contractor Foxconn, which manufactures the
devices in Zhengzhou, China.

In the most detailed public investigation yet into conditions at Foxconn factories
in China, which assemble millions of iPhones and iPads each year, the
independent Fair Labor Association found that more than half of employees had
worked 11 days or more without rest.

More than 43% of workers reported experiencing
or witnessing an accident at the three plants audited. Despite several
suicides, which raised the alarm two years ago, and an explosion that killed
three workers last year, Foxconn still failed to consult workers on safety,
with the committees “failing to monitor conditions in a robust
manner”, the report found.

The use of student interns, supposedly on work experience
related to their studies, but who are in fact used to supplement the workforce
during holidays, was raised as of “major concern for external
stakeholders”, according to the report.

FLA found interns working both overtime and night shifts, in violation of the
regulations, and said “their employment status remains vague and
represents a major risk”. Student labor peaks in the summer months, and
stood at 5.7% in August 2011. The working
conditions of those who make Apple products have been the subject of increasing

How it affected stake holder

unethical acts of apple have affected its stake holder. The effects it had on
its different stake holders are:

Investors are typically major stakeholders and determinants of corporate social
responsibility programs in businesses. In Apple’s case, investors are
interested in maximizing the returns on their investments. The company
effectively addresses this stakeholder group through excellent financial
performance but due to the act done by apple the brand image was disturbed and
the sales may go down due to which the owners were worried about the impact it
would have on the business and its operations as they have invested their
capital into the business.

 Employees are the second-priority stakeholders in Apple’s approach to
corporate social responsibility. This stakeholder group is composed of
employees at Apple’s facilities. Employees as a stakeholder group are important
because they directly determine Apple’s human resource capabilities to innovate
and develop profitable products. Due to this unethical act emerging out which
had direct impact on employees they could react on the unfair behavior they are
facing by apple. They could show their anger thru strikes and protest. This
employee miss treatment would not be accepted by them and hence they could even
show resentment.

Customers upon seeing what apple did in china have bad remarks about apple
which may lead to a destroyed brand image in their minds and they may leave
apple and their brand loyalty may no longer be in favor of apple. They may be
concerned about the employees and they could also reduce their buying of the
company product showing their resentment which may lead to reduced sales for

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