Some of the names of the characters have a meaning as
well. For instance, the name of Hyde gives an impression of a mysterious, shady,
secretive person who is in hiding. To the reader, Jekyll may seem as the
evil one because of the way it is spoken. Poole was loyal to his master and may
mean ‘pool of dark secrets’. Utterson’s friend, Mr. Guest, also has a meaning
to it. Stevenson also uses a pun in his story. When
Utterson goes hunting for Hyde, he says “If he be Mr. Hyde, I shall be Mr.
Seek” Stevenson has cleverly used animal imagery to describe Hyde. He
says that Hyde had an ‘ape-like fury’ and a ‘hissing intake of breath’ and he
also had ‘light footsteps’ like animals do. There are traces of Darwinism in this
novel as ideas are brought up such as evolution, and showing two sides as one.

       Stevenson also implies philosophical ideas.
Stevenson conveys Freud’s idea in this novel by using Jekyll and Hyde and using
the idea of duplicity. Sigmund Freud’s views were new and controversial, as
they challenged the accepted Victorian beliefs. Stevenson puts forward these
ideas in his novel. There is the idea of the ‘hidden’ sides of a person as we
see in Dr. Jekyll. Even Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution
is reflected in the story as some of the characters, mainly, Edward Hyde,
displays a lot of characteristics and mannerisms that are animalistic in
nature. Stevenson stresses on the point that humans are a mixture of
both – good and evil. Every person is a shade of grey. By stating this point,
Stevenson implies that we are imperfect humans.

       In conclusion, Stevenson explores the
duality, which lies within man very well and describes this in Jekyll’s suicide
note when he writes, “all human beings, as we meet them, are commingled out of
good and evil”. Stevenson uses various methods such as the characters, the symbolism,
the narrative technique, and the language use to explore the ‘nature of
duality’ in man. Stevenson wanted to show the world, which at the time was new
to the psychological and philosophical ideas, the dual nature of man and idea
of split personality. Darwin’s theory of evolution and
Freud’s creation of psychoanalysis are well portrayed in this novel. Overall,
Stevenson clearly implies that humans are a mixture of ‘good’ and evil’ and challenges
the ‘human p perfectibility’, which was presumed for the upper class at the

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