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Ape Genius The movie I watched was Ape Genius on PBS. It was a documentary about what separates us humans from our close relatives, the apes. Before watching this movie, I honestly never found anything interesting about apes at all. I thought they were weird looking animals who just liked to pick at each other all day and eat. However, after watching this, my perspective on these creatures drastically changed. After seeing the way they interest with humans and how smart and social they are, I realized that they are similar to us in more ways that I thought.

One of my favorite parts of the movie was when someone placed a piece of food under a heavy block and the ape couldn’t move the block by himself so he grabbed the humans hand (as if asking for help) and they worked to move it together. I thought that was really smart and I was very impressed. Also, in the beginning of the movie a peanut was placed in the bottom of a long container and the ape had to try to figure out a way to get it out.

When I was watching it, I was thinking I have no idea how I would even do that. Seconds later the ape returns with a mouth full of water and slowly fills up the tube until the peanut is within reach. I wouldn’t have even thought of that! Overall, I thought the documentary was very informational and entertaining. It gave me a good look at how apes and humans are so closely related, and after watching it, I realized we are not so different at all.

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I enjoyed watching this and observing the ways in which they gathered food, went swimming, and interacted with each other; and doing so in similar ways as we humans would do. I’m glad I got a chance to watch this movie, and am glad that I picked this specific one because it gave me a totally new insight on these animals and makes me appreciate them more now, now that I know they are more like humans that I originally thought.

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