Anyone hardly ignore these three letters: SEO. The

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Anyone who runs a website or blog can hardly ignore these three letters: SEO. The abbreviation stands for Search Engine Optimization, in German: Search Engine Optimization. Anyone who builds their own website wishes for as many visitors as possible. But these only come when the site operator actively works towards it. A
good way to attract visitors is to optimize the page for search engines
like Google or Bing, so that they appear as high as possible in the
search results (the SEO graphics in this article by SEOPT illustrates
how important a top Position in search is).What is important for search engine optimization?For search engines to position a page at the top of search results, the following criteria are important:The website    must reflect the search term as well as possible    is optimized for users    is trustworthy1. topic relevanceSearch engines endeavor to provide users with the best possible search results (also known as SERPs). Therefore, it is checked whether the landing page covers the topic as best as possible and treated in sufficient detail. Important are:    The title tag displayed at the top of the browser and as a heading in the search.    The meta description below that will be displayed as a description in the SERPs.    Meaningful keywords that reflect the topic. Search engines usually also recognize synonyms and stop words.2. User optimizationMany SEOs try to optimize their websites as well as possible for search engines, but they forget the user. Therefore, the shortest possible loading times, a clear structure and easy to read texts are important. It is important to avoid inserting the same keyword into the text every time you bend or break (see point 1). Anyone who writes for users when creating their website can not do that much wrong.3. TrustIn addition to user optimization and topic relevance, it is important that the site is trustworthy. One way to be trusted is to optimize the site. The more trustworthy the pages referring to your own blog, the better it is.Other sources of visitorsIn addition to search engines, site visitors can also come from another location:    From the social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube …)    From other websites (eg Wikipedia)    Through SEA (Search Engine Advertising), the placement of online advertisements, e.g. via Google AdwordsIt makes sense (depending on the page) always a holistic marketing approach that is geared to the target audience.

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