Anxiety harm another person physically, verbally, sexually or

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Anxiety is
defined by feelings of worry and physical responses in crisis situations where
panic level rise. People who has this disorder tend to feel worse and terrible
than others; moreover, this feeling is so strong that it feels like it will
never pass. Since it is different for everyone, there is no way to know that
why people have it exactly; however, causes can be divided into rwo main
headings such as environmental factors and personal factors.

As a beginning,
some causes of anxiety arise from environmental factors. The first topic
associated with environmental factors is bullying. Bullying is the behavior of
a person to harm another person physically, verbally, sexually or
technologically. This is much mor eften ocur in schools because it is generally
seen that a youn people who is older or physically strong exposes overhelming
or degrading behaviors in various species against a person younger.
Furthermore, people who experience bullying may feel alone and scared so, it
can increase a person’s cahnce of developing anxiety. Secondly, stress is a big
influence on this issue. Young people face stress because of their
responsibilities within the school. There are a lot of reason that cause stress
in school such as exams and endless homework deliveries. In addition to that,
if an individual does not have time management ability and can not use time
efficiently, he or she has to study last days of exams or delivery dates; thus,
this leads to more stressful life for them.

Another main heading
is personal factors. Some causes of anxiety on young people are based on health
problems. The first issue to be mentioned about health here is the use of
cigarettes and alcohol between young people. Although smoking and alcohol use
provides short-term relief, it can increase the risk of getting mental health
problems like depression and anxiety. Since young people are proned to smoke
and consume alcohol because of their social circle, they are more vulnerable to
getting these mental problems. Then again, it can also affect relationships
with their family and friends or it might cause problems at school. The second
issue about health is lack of self confidence. It is more common for
adolescents to be unable to accept themselves as they are and not to be
satisfied with their bodies. This situations occurs when expectations of how
they want their body to look don’t match up reality. Afterwards, these type of
feelings can lead to wrong thoughts that may lead to chance in eating and
exercise behaviours. Hence, this may cause to have eating disorders and mental

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