Ants insects fascinate me because of their hunting,

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Ants I am interested in studying ants.  These insects fascinate me because of their hunting, look, intelligence, and variance. There are many things that are interesting about them, like how bullet ant stings can feel like being shot and how it can last for twenty-four hours at most.  Also how army ants destroy everything in their path. The one who controls the whole colony is the queen,without her the ants would have nothing to do. Scientists are trying to use the ants chemicals to create medicine for bacteria. They also can be controlled by fungus, like cordyceps. 6 There are many different kinds of ants, like army, trapjaw, and fire ants. There are over twelve-thousand species of ant that are pretty unique. The trapjaw ant gets its name from its jaws that snap shut in ¼ of a second.  Army ants are deadly and tear apart every living thing in their path.  Wood ants build their nest out of bits of wood and can spray acid at enemies to protect their nest.  2 and 1                    Weaver ants build their nest in trees and use their lavra to glue leaves together. To defend their nest they will grab the limbs of their prey and pull them apart.  Leaf cutter ants cut down leafs and use them to grow fungus for them to eat.  Some spiders can use their sent to descase themselves to enter the nest and eat the ant larva. Some ants can merge together and create an even larger colony.1 and 2 One time thirty-three colonies merged and created a colony that was three-thousand seven-hundred miles wide. Some ants can keep other bugs that can make honey-dew. They pretty much have cattle in a way. Ants have many stages of their life-cycle.The stages are  egg,larva,pupa,and adult.2                         The way they reproduce is by alates during nuptial flights . After the flite all the males die, because they have completed their only goal in life.  Some people keep ants as pets.  Lots of museums will have nests to study them and to show them to people.2                              Fire ants can make themselves into a raft if their nest floods.  You can’t even drown them, because they can form an air bubble. Ants don’t always use sent to find their way home.  Like in the desert where sent would be dried up, they use the sun to find their way home.             2 and 5There are many classes of ants.  There is worker, nurse, soldier, alate, drone,and queen.  Honey-pot ants get their name for when some workers will store a honey like liquid that expands their abdomen. Some people dig these ants up and eat them for a sweet treat.  Yellow crazy ants are named for their yellow like color.  These girls are fast and can escape through tiny cracks5 and 2.                            Ants have been known to steal food from human homes and are regarded as pest. Sometimes plants can be an ant’s demise. Such plants like cordyceps, which can take control of ants to go up a tree and clamp down on the tree.Then a plant will grow out of the ant’s head and it will spread its spores to infect other ants.  Cordyceps is used by humans as to help with controlling ants.3                            Black crazy ants are usually scavengers. They can’t bite or sting humans so you could have them as good pets. They are also great escape artists, so they wouldn’t make easy pets. They love to eat sugar.They would usually live in bricks or sidewalks.Their main enemy is fire ants.5                                                           Army ants are vicious and nothing stands in their way. They are always on the move so they build their nest out of themselves.  The soldier ants are white and have big jaws.  One army ant can hold one hundred army ants on one leg.  They’re fast, deadly, and smart and are very dangerous.Army ants can link together to become a living nest.2                                           Insect repellant has been used to protect people from dangerous insects, like ants, mosquitoes, and wasps. Many companies make these products to sell and make money. They do have to make it useable or no one would buy it.  You don’t have to buy these things; you can make your own repellant.  Like using borax to poison them.  You can also use deet, which is a chemical. Lemon is also a good in a spray bottle.4                                   The way they test bug repellant is by sticking their arm in a box full of mosquitoes with the product on.  Some are not as effective, like bralacets and phone apps.  One way is to get a jar and put a hot dog in it, cover it with syrup and poke holes in the lid. Or you can do the same thing with sugar and borax.4                                           You could use bait like a poison. Maybe using sugar with a toxic mineral. You could use living creatures as repellant, like spiders that spin webs or small lizards. Also you can boil water and dump the water on the entrance of the ant nest.4                               Carnivorous plants might work like picker plants and sundew. Onions work too, since it gets rid of their scent trail. The reason insect repellant was made was to get insects out of homes and tents. Peppermint is repulsive to the ant and doesn’t smell bad to people.  Chalk works for trapping the ants in an endless circle.4 and 3                                  Coffee grounds seem to be poisonous to ants. You could always use pesticide, but it is dangerous to humans and household pets.  Peppers seem to be deadly hot to the ants so isn’t that pretty neat.  Food-grade diatomaceous earth is non-toxic to humans, but it is deadly to ants.  Alcohol swabs work to get rid of the ants scents as well  . 4                                       The reason we use insect repellent is to not get sick from diseases that can be carried by insects.  Repellent is able to repel insects and some other animals. One way of getting rid of insects is to use a fan to blow them away. Need oil is a vegetable oil that is a natural pesticide to ants.  Clove is a spice that seems to repel the ants.4                                          So as you see, there are many different types of ants and many different kinds of repellants.  I love to study about ants because I think it is fascinating that ants can do so many things and be so strong while they are so small.  Some ants make good pets and can be easily kept at home in a small ant farm.  While some ants, like the Army ant, I hope to never meet out in the wild.Websites:1      Youtube-Planet-Ant-Life Inside The Colony-BBC Youtube-The Ultimate Guide Ants Documentary Youtube-Carnivorous Plants Documentary Mother Nature 13 Ways To Get Rid of Ants › Home › At Home5       Youtube-Nature’s Super Power-BBC Nagle, Frances.  “Zombie Ants”  Gareth Stevens Publishing, 2016.                                    

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