Anti-Chinese Chinese immigrants were respected for their

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Anti-Chinese prejudice has affected the healthcare system in the West Coast also, they were called the “Chinese Medical Scapegoat”.

The Chinese’s appearance in society was changed also because of this. The chinese were the blamed for sanitary programs by local and tracing all deadly and nasty sickness are caused by the living conditions amongst the Chinese. This situation lasted over 35 years. The beginning of the blaming had appeared in California in 1860s. The early Chinese immigrants were respected for their work and knowledge. As the 1860s began the chinese were called degrading and pushing the economy back.

They were accused of ignoring law of hygiene and sanitation. They bred and spread disease within the American society. Arguments made by society of why the Chinese who is the bottom of the social structure get to mingle with the superior race, the white population. The Chinese were alienated from society  and were labeled as people who threatened the American culture by keeping their ways of life. Despite all the things the Chinese help the American achieve they were treated badly and became the bottom of the food chain. The social problem were created by the economic fuse between the white and Chinese population in America which was one of the main reason why the Chinese exclusion act occurred. Thousands of Chinese migrated to the United States in the late 1800s searching for opportunities to make money like the California Gold Rush, the Transcontinental railroad and etc. Opium War from 1839-1842 was between China and European Countries.

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This exposed how weak China was even though they have great economy and advanced lifestyle. The westerners and Europeans dominated the trade ports in China which totally put China’s finances into a devastating situation. On top of the lack of money, China also was struck with series of flooding which led to a crop failure, famine, population growth, government maladministration, western aggression and monetary crisis. The Qing Empire tried and tried to reform itself, but nothing came out of it.

The United States became a place where many Chinese became fond of due to its liberal beliefs, numerous resources and of course the California Gold Rush. The gold rush began in 1848 because of discovery of gold by James Marshall at Sutter Timber on  January 24th and then that day became the start of the mass Chinese immigration to the U.S. The Chinese population grew rapidly and by 1870 chinese were 8.6% of the total population in California and they occupy 25% of the labor force. Due to desperateness the Chinese were willing to do whatever job was available and accept they pay no matter what amount it was.

Companies would be able to hire people for cheap labor. Immigrants who were non-chinese worked for a higher pay was at a disadvantage. Many Chinese immigrant found jobs as mostly miners while others who didn’t have mining jobs went to railroad construction, farms, shops, plantations, and ect. The Chinese became successful and began to overtake the labor markets. The made shirts, brooms, underwears, and tinwares. The Chinese made up 90% of agricultural labor in California. Many Chinese began to own their own business and at this point in time they basically own California’s economic system.

The hate for the Chinese grew because people were running out of job and poverty to other non-chinese. Then the Chinese population grew even more due to the flooding of the Huang He river which led to major crop failures in southern China. The anti-Chinese movement grew and people were scared that they would take over the economy, California decided to pass the Foreign Miners Tax which was enforced mainly towards the Chinese miners.

The tax generated more than half of the California’s state revenues. As 1855 pass by the California gold rush ended and now the people who worked in the mines before now have to find alternative jobs. The Chinese were settled because in San Francisco Chinatown became established and created job finding programs for new and old immigrants. On the other

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