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Another organization that exceled in using customer data to better serve
them and engage them is Amazon. Amazon is providing customers with
recommendations and suggestions based on what customers have purchased in the
past, what items the customer has ranked or reviewed after purchase, the items
in their carts, and what item the customer has checked when visiting the
website (Cheung, et, al., 2017) Amazon also relies on some key engagement
metrics that we have seen in the 15 essential marketing metrics such as click
through rates, opt out and opt in rates in order to tailor its recommendations
and present to the right customer the right recommendation. Amazon great
success is mainly due to integrating the recommendation model into every stage
of Amazon purchasing process. Starting from visiting the website, checking the
products to logging out, personalized recommendations are displayed to every
user. This is what drove the sales and increased customer engagement and
retention to the extent (Chen, et, al., 2017). Amazon secret is that they are
simply effectively using what they know about every customer. This includes
past purchases, browsing history, reviews, profile information and interests
and they are using these information to maximum effect through their unique
algorithm that they call “item-to-item
collaborative filtering.” An
Amazon spokesperson told Fortune, “Our mission is to delight our customers by
allowing them to serendipitously discover great products. We believe this
happens every single day and that’s our biggest metric of success.” (Wesson, 2016) Amazon success story relies on
high level of personalized recommendations that are making the customers
happier and the company doing well. Suppose all organizations are showing to a
potential customer a content they were looking for just at the right time, it
can be an item, an article or any other product. Certainly, the potential is
more likely to purchase that product at that moment. Therefore, knowing well
the potential buyer in terms of interest and pain points once he is on your
platform is highly beneficial to turn him into a buyer in a short time of
period. And this is what Amazon has been doing in last ten years, showing a content
to the right person and at the right time. This level of personalization in
your marketing and sales activities is not difficult to adopt and does not
require complicated algorithms or learning machines. Today, with multiple
marketing automations platforms and solutions, you can track easily your
customer exactly like Amazon does and then you can personalize your marketing
communications and campaigns based on your users’ behaviour and interests. The
issue is not limited to data but it is more related to effective usage of data
and deploying the results on all actions and decisions in regard with

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