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core competence area in our project was the Risk assessment. Most
projects have that proportion of risk, that’s just a fact, but there are
different ways in which good managers of project deal with this risk, ensuring
that it doesn’t derail the project and amounting to failure for them and the
entire team members. The first job of the project manager is to assess risks
before starting, thus plummeting the likelihood of running into issues at a
later date and crafting plans around predicted problems that may come up.
Accepting that this is going to be something that needs to be considered is
important, as a project manager who proceeds not including risks management is
one who will have a more difficult time managing them later. Being aware that
issues will come up is only the first stage, but it’s one of the most essential
parts of successful risk management that paves the way for everything else. For
example, we identified the following risk;


Risk Management

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Up skilling staff
for new IT infrastructure

existing staff will not be familiar with the new systemHave the IT
installation company, train the staff at Pure Energy on the newly
installed systems, to ensure they have the ability to use the systems


Since our mandate states that Pure Energy (the executives) will need to build up digital procedures
to monitor and document sales and stock levels, and as an extra distribution
stream, Pure Energy would like to launch an ecommerce website to develop online
sales and product Knowledge. I emphasized that proper training of both existing
and new staff on the IT processes is important in achieving the mandate of this
project. Can you imagine a scenario where systems and processes have been
automated and staffs aren’t fully trained to use them? Or have not perfected
the use of these tools, which would be a colossal failure of the project. A
project manager should be very proactive in risk assessment because the
practice of risk management is an ongoing duty for project managers, he/she
should pay diligent attention to monitoring and assessing risk all along the
project life cycle. Resources are precious, of course, and this is why trying
to deal with each minor problem is a bit of a fool’s errand. The Project
manager led the team efficiently, coordinating and collating ideas as regards
risk assessment.

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