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Animal Farm
Eric Blair-
Blair was born in Bengal in 1903, educated at Eton, and after working
for the Indian Imperial Police in Burma, returned to Europe and started writing
novels and essays for a living under his pen name “George Orwell.” He was a
political writer of his time, and usually wrote from his intense feelings and
fierce hates. He hated government having complete control, and served in the
Loyalist forces in the Spanish Civil War.

He contradicted himself in many ways. He was a socialist while hating
communism and was a literary critic while distrusting intellectuals. He hated
how the world was cruel and how lies were way of life. When he died in 1950
from a neglected lung ailment he left his work and ideas to us and we grow
trying to fulfill his demands…..failing.Introduction-
When I first looked at this book I thought It would be a children’s
storybook. Then I noticed the thickness of the novel and opened it up. I read
the introduction and found that the novel was based on a political matter, and I
thought that the title was just a metaphor, and there were no “animals” in the
story. As I read I discovered the whole thing was a metaphor.

The five topics I’ll be covering are:
1.plot structure
3.point of view
4.symbolism and figuration language
5.theme and author’s vision
I hope this essay shows the ideas of Eric Blair and the freedom we have
under government control.

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1. plot structure
The story starts off in a form called “Manor Farm.” An old white boar
called “Old Major” tells all the farm animals of a day when all the animals
would be free, and of a dream that took him back to when he was young. In his
dream he remembered a song that tells of such a day. This was the day of the
Rebellion. Soon after Old Major dies all the animals prepare for this day and
it was not long before it happened.

The animals chased off all the humans from the farm and changed the name
from “Manor Farm” to “Animal Farm.” They had their freedom….for a while.

As the story continues the smartest of the animals started dominating
over the rest of the animals. The pigs. Two pigs, Snowball and Napoleon, both
wanted power and snowball is chased out of the farm by Napoleon who had his own
plans for the future of “Manor Farm” after the Rebellion. As the pigs take more
and more control, they start acting more like man, and using his habits. At the
end the animals watch from outside a window as the pigs have liquor and play
cards with the men while they trade stories of how they manage control of the

2. conflict
There were a few conflicts, one at the start between man and the animal
and then among themselves between Snowball and Napoleon, each of which have
separate ideas. Although the humans were pushed out of Manor Farm that did not
stop them from trying to take control again. It was unsuccessful. The farm
animals tried to build a windmill to supply them with electricity to cut down on
manual work. Humans tried to take it down with dynamite and the animals would
have to start all over again. The other was the conflict between Snowball and
Napoleon who both wanted to lead. A vote proved Snowball to be leader but
Napoleon had raised nine dogs and had them chase him out of the farm. This is
when controlling the farm came in.

3. point of view
I think the author is telling us that no matter what we do, there will
always be people who want power and they will take it as it comes, and although
some of us are aware, most are naive and try to look the other way. Most people
ignore the truth and are manipulated easily. I think this is shown well in the

4. symbolism and figurative language
This is quite apparent in “Animal Farm.” The Animals form a community
of their own and different animals represented members of today’s society. The
pigs were the smartest and most innovative and so they played the part that
government take’s care of in our world, and along with government comes leaders,
followers, crooks, and even the odd good honest politician. As unfortunate as
it is these “honest politicians” don’t last long and usually don’t make it to
the top. The good hearted leaders like Snowball end up at the feet of selfish
crooks like Napoleon. The other animals are organized from the smart to the
simple and from the strong to the weak.

In every situation there is the person with a different vote such as
Benjamin, the oldest animal on the farm who thinks nothing can save them and
that life will go on like it always has, and nothing can make it better. There
is no freedom where there is power.

3. theme and author’s vision
Blair wanted something that may never happen. Equality and free
government, a government run by the local people, world freedom and other such
dreams. He expresses his immense emotion in his literature. He wanted probably
what every one wants but he is one of the few who speak up about it. If we all
had his inhibition this might have been accomplished, but it’s our own
stubbornness that keeps us from his dream.

It’s not hard to say that we live good lives looking at others in other
government rulings. Our way of life is top ranked in the world and looked up
upon by third worlds and shattered countries, but is our luxury worth the total
control? Should we be happy with the life we live? Are we being selfish in our
demands? These questions don’t have a right answer. Everyone is to there own
vote, and to there own opinion, although these questions could be best explained
through experience and wisdom.

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