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A Voice for the Voiceless
Comment: I think the text shows just how cruel humans can be towards animals (chimps), which maybe all people from whom is descended. This is what I would call, no kind of life, I mean, being locked up for medical purposes only. You cannot behave by instinct, like have a natural inborn tendency to hunt for food or any other means of surviving. I can see how this claustrophobic lifestyle can have an affect on chimps or other animals. And with them not being able to verbally communicate just makes it worse. Therefore I am glad that someone puts up a fight for these innocent and defenceless animals. Animals should all be free as birds ( metaphorically speaking )
The title A Voice for the Voiceless gave me a lot of mental images about the matter in question. Starting of with the so-called lab monkeys. Monkeys who are kept in cages for testing of new human fabricated materials, such as, shampoo for instance. Monkeys are also being locked up for medical purposes. I read an article once, surrounding the topic at hand. It was a chimp that had purposely been lethally injected with the deadly virus HIV. The doctors used it as an experiment, to see if a cure for the deadly virus was to be found. Unfortunately that wasnt the case, the monkeys light exterminated some years later. This was just an example of yet another animal being exploited for human purposes.

On the contrary, I think that zoos are a great way of presenting the ways of nature to the average man. Because, there are still a lot of people who are unaware of the importance of preserving wildlife. Therefore I think that zoos are excellent places for these people to get familiar with the other inhabitants of planet earth. Some might say that keeping animals in captivity is oppressing their instincts. But in some cases, the animals have been rescued from poaching or extinction, and do now serve the purpose of informing people about endangered wildlife.

Poachers make a lot of money from raping the natural world. Killing rhinos and elephants only to get their beautiful and valuable teeth and horns, which can be sold for quite an amount of money on the black marked. I despise poachers; I wouldnt piss on one if he was on fire. It is a terrible way that they take advantage of nature, so that they can fulfil they own selfish needs, which often come in shape of money.

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Animals and humans can live in harmony. People all around the globe keep pets. This is a situation where both pet and owner are satisfied. A pet can be a faithful companion if treated right. There are various kinds of pets, such as, dogs, cats, birds, iguanas, and so on.

I think this has shown that even though people and animal have very different lifestyles. Ways have been found so that both humans and animals can live in peace. Even though danger lurks around the corner. Its a matter of finding a balance between harmony and danger. In short, we are all connected in the great circle of life.

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