Ancient Gorge that flows into the Tibetan

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Ancient stories of floods have often been pondered on how they came to be. The thought of whether these stories are just fiction or were they real events? Most people from America mostly recognize the biblical flood story of noah. Researcher Qinglong Wu and his group has discovered evidence of what they think might point to the story of China’s great flood. Unique from other flood myths the hero rather than being guided by a supreme being used engineering skills to redirect the flood and pioneer agriculture.With the idea of Emperor Yu being a real person the thought of what could have caused the flood in his story powered Wu and his team to take old studies of landslides in the Jishi Gorge that flows into the Tibetan Plateau. They discovered evidence that points to that when a landslide dam failed in 1920 B.C. a flood tore through China’s Yellow river based on lake sediments found upstream of the landslide dam at heights up to 165 feet above river level. This points to more than the idea that it was Yu’s flood but it is concurrent with the shift in the course of the Yellow river. Wu’s team suggest the flood could have hit the levees on the lowland river which was cause to the shift, pointing to the special aspect of the story about Yu. Researching the geological origins of the worlds flood stories, the author found that the curious details in local myths was consistent with the reason and process that went on to cause the floods. As with the Nile where there is floods every year they have barely any flood stories because droughts were the most disastrous. A flood story from Scandinavia tells how Odin and his family killed a ice giant causing a flood to kill many people and animals. Although the evidence found by Wu and his team points that the flood myth in china could be real this gives ideas on how to find evidence for other myths such as Noah’s flood found in the bible. As these flood myths will always be argued and examined to find physical evidence, great natural disasters were always described as the work of gods in ancient times.

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