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Analyzing the scenario given and with the resources provided, as a network consultant I would suggest using link state protocol to install the robotics system. To justify my suggestion firstly I would to explain the design situation which clearly shows that link state is the best possible routing protocol for such design techniques. The client company warehouse consists of large area with IP addressable devices and good internet access and very less man power. There are about 5000 sales force consultants for entering orders. Ideally this situation arises for the need to minimize the workforce and maximize the work efficiency for the larger area without compromising customer satisfaction as the products that are stored and fetched for shipment are precise. Link state routing protocol matches with the requirement for the designing of the network for the warehouse where the inventory management and the precise shipping is of the highest priority. As this condition constantly leads to change in the network topology because of the incoming and outgoing orders and the network should be designed in such a way that responds quick and implement the change.Link state routing protocol is considered the best option for building the network because of the following reasons ? Large area link state protocol stores all the route information of all the routers in the network. The link state table is flooded throughout the network to ensure that every router has the same information in order to calculate the shortest route to the destination. This advantage when taken to the inventory management system which is spread in the large area will contain series of racks where the products are stored this protocol will make it easier for the robots to calculate the shortest distance to the destination so that the time to store and fetch the inventory is reduced.whereas the distance vector is less scalable and are limited to very few hops. It contains information only about the connected neighbor router which decreases the chances of calculating the best shortest path to the destination.? Node failureIn case of node failure, the link state protocol uses the process of flooding to convey the routing information to all the nodes in the network as the protocol has visibility of the entire network thereby calculating the fastest path to the destination as every node contains the failure node information. This is major concept in the inventory management because if there is failure in the network and the particular robot stops working the remaining robots should quickly communicate among themselves to find the fastest path to increase the efficiency.whereas in the distance vector if there is node failure the network goes to the looping issue where the packets are not efficiently delivered to the destination as they do not have information of all the routers in the network because they contain information only about the connected neighbor.? Update changesWhen there is change in the network the due to addition of router or failure of router or the destination the link state protocol sends the link state packets that contains the information of the affected link and updates the routing table and responds to the changes quickly as every router in the topology is also updated with the same information which reliably recalculates the best path to the destination. In the warehouse if there is a change in the product that is to be fetched for the shipment destination node is changed in the network this change is quickly updated among all the routers in the network using the link state packets reducing the time that is used to reconfigure the network.In distance vector the when there is change in the network the updates are sent periodically so there is no dynamically updating of routers which increases the work time.When all the above aspects are considered the primary goal is in building a robotic environment within 200000 sq foot warehouse. The system will have great load that is incoming as a product and outgoing shipments and it becomes really hard for the system to balance the oad without any congestion, at this phase link state is the best routing protocol which satisfies all the requirements of the inventory management system in a very efficient and fast way possible. The man power available to maintain the system is few so we should retain the 100 employees that are available and train them to control and monitor as to how the robots work and efficiently maintain the inventory, saving time and energy that is needed for the work to be completed. As we need human effort when it comes to customer satisfaction where you have to take judgement based the scenario and difficult situation as it arises. To increase the productivity and lower the operational costs with minimal or no network outage the performance of the system should be monitored continuously so that there is no break in the system and make sure that the system is working non-stop.The most important metrics that needs to be measured to control the quality of the work done are as follows Bandwidth- Bandwidth monitoring allows to understand the amount of data that is used per device and can also find and alert when there is a network spike.Throughput- It is rate of successful messages delivery over a communication channel. This tells us if all the routers in the network are communicating efficiently.Packet loss – Packet loss occurs when one or more packets of data travelling across a computer network fail to reach their destination. Monitoring packet loss tells us exactly where the network failure has occurred so that it can be fixed quickly to avoid major loss.Latency – It is the time taken to travel from one point in the network to another. This helps in determining the shortest route to each router connected in the network.The above-mentioned metrics are the major trouble spots which when monitored correctly yields good 

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