Analysis:     From
two out of three properties share point of view on acquiring a fair return of
investment that was a biggest concern for hoteliers, spending money on
renovation might bring back measurable return, while investment on technology
leads to be harder to quantify (Sorenson, 2016). According to the interview with Mr. Boy,
Inn A Day Hotel does not provide a new technology or innovation as
the reason of small boutique hotel. The study of Mr. Sorenson claimed that it is less easy for hoteliers to measure
back an investment of technology which supports Inn A Day Hotel that does not
provide any special technology for customers, as it won’t
be worth it according to a large amount of investment. However,
the research of TESs  (technology-enable services) shows that customers
adopt TESs in their life cycle at various stages (Beldona
& Cobanoglu, 2007; Beldona, Nusair, & Demicco, 2009). Technology
becomes strongly influences in people life cycles, airline and hospitality
industries are using technologies as a main tool for their customer convenience
as well as time and cost-saving (Wang,
Ying, Sparks, Beverley, 2014). Which can say that almost
every industries and business are presently used technology for several


            According to the interview with Mr. Boy, Inn A Day Hotel readily provides basic technology needs
such as television, air conditioner, heater and high-speed Wi-Fi. Researchers claimed that technology is a significant need for
the hotel industries which becomes indispensable part of hotel’s
operation (Collins & Cobanoglu, 2008; Ham, Kim, &
Jeong, 2005; Kasavana & Cahill, 2003; Squires, 2008). Besides,
many hotels are using technologies as a valued service for their customers,
when adapting technologies to their service values hotels can be able to create
differentiation, increase guest satisfaction as well as building a long term
loyal amidst customers (Cobanoglu, Ryan, & Beck, 1999). A small boutique hotel normally doesn’t provide any new
technology or innovation but provides basic needs of technology and electronic
that will be customer’s demands. Furthermore,
providing guests with a technology such as free high-speed Wi-Fi
can deliver a greater experience of guests rather than charging on accessing Wi-Fi. According to Mahony (2013), 45 % of travelers who use Wi-Fi more than three devices and only 1% of
travelers does not use Wi-Fi, the research also shows that
86% of travelers who believe that Wi-Fi
access should be available for free (figure 2.4). 

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