An article titled ‘Jokowi forges a tool of repression,’ written by Usman Hamid and Liam Gammon that was published by on July 13, 2017, concerns about the Regulation in Lieu of Law or Perppu. The Perppu that was signed by Jokowi on July 10, 2017, amending the 2013 Law on Societal Organizations. The authors argue that this Perppu will violate the freedom of association in Indonesia. They also assume that the Perppu is not the way to encounter the movement of the radicalism in Indonesia. Actually, the authors only see this Perppu on one-sided perspective, only the bad effects without considering the national situation and the arguments of the authors are lack of supporting data and references. Thus, this article can be biased.?In Paragraph 1, the authors stated that the President has mounted an attack on the freedom of association in Indonesia by signing the Perppu. As we know that our country embraced the Pancasila democracy as our democratic system. It is implied in The Preamble of the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia at the fourth paragraph, “…constitution of the Republic of Indonesia which shall be built into a sovereign state based on a belief in the One and Only God, just and civilized humanity, the unity of Indonesia, and democratic life led by wisdom of thoughts in deliberation amongst representatives of the people, and achieving social justice for all the people of Indonesia.” That means every regulation of this nation must be made based on Pancasila including the regulation about the freedom of association. So, Jokowi did not mount an attack on the freedom of association, he signed the Perppu based on what is mandated by the 1945 Constitution by strengthens our democracy system from the ideologies contradict the Pancasila and organizations that try to disrupt the national unity.??The authors argued that this Perppu could be misused by an authoritarian president. I do not completely agree with this statement because in this era of transparency, every action that government takes will be known by millions of people in this whole country almost in no time and the people is free to react in social media. So in this era, people can take part in any government decisions and policies. If the government acts arbitrarily, then the people will react to it. For example in 2015, Jokowi pointed Budi Gunawan as the Head of Indonesian Police. Many anti-corruption didn’t agree with the President’s choice because Budi had an unusual fat bank account. The President was protested by people for months for choosing Budi Gunawan and the people think that Jokowi lost his commitments and obeyed to the interests of his supporting parties. After that, Jokowi canceled his decision and pointed Badrodin Haiti as the Chief of the Police.This a proof that every action taken by the government will be monitored by the people. So this Perppu will not be a tool of repression by the government as long as we monitor the government decision.”The Perppu…simplifying the process by which the government can ban and dissolve an organization, and removes any role for the judiciary in approving or supervising this process.” (paragraph 17). I think it is needed to simplify the process of banning organizations that opposing Pancasila. The reason is if such organization is not dissolved quickly, the doctrines of the organization will become widespread and hard to handle, it also can be getting worse in the future. According to Remy Cross and David A.Snow (2012),”Radicalism within the Context of Social Movements: Processes and Types.”(p. 119), they quoted a statement from a women activist, Angela Davis, ‘Radical simply means grasping things at the root.’ For example, the radicalism that spread among the youngsters in this country. Many youngsters of this country are openly supporting the ISIS in social media, some of them already join this organization. Another example is the HTI, they openly stated that democracy is not the solution of the country’s problems, nationalism is a nonsense, and they wanted to change the form of the state into a Caliphate system. It is a serious attack on democracy and our plural society because of many youngsters of this country already anti-democracy and anti-nationalism, for example, students from some universities in Indonesia gathered in Bogor Agricultural Institute. They have sworn to be loyal to the Caliphate as the only solution to this country’s problem. So when we deal with the radicals of opposing ideologies, it needs a quick action of the government to handle the situation.Every person in this country has the right to associate and to assemble as the manifestation of our democracy. But this freedom must not violate the laws and the constitution of this country.We also realize that every government decision has the bad and good effects. Unfortunately, the authors only see this case on the bad effects and not considering the urgent situation of this country about the radicalism and other Anti-Pancasila ideologies.Their arguments only based on their thoughts and not really supported by data and references. So, if this Perppu is not the solution to combat the radicalism, what is the solution to this problem? And If it is true that Jokowi has forged a tool of repression, I think it’s for the radicals with their opposing ideologies. Maybe they could do better than this by adding some supporting data that based on the reality of this country and see a problem from both perspectives so the article could be accurate and not biased.

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