An hoping to achieve Performance standards should also

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An objective is a statement which describes
either an individual, team or organisation that is hoping to achieve Performance standards should also be measurable, realistic
and objective and in writing. Standards should include the quality element that
refers to precision, efficiency, usefulness and appearance. Good performance
standards are clearly expressed so they are easy to understand and work
towards. They should contribute to the team and organisation’s objectives
linking to organisation strategy or business plan. Each employee needs to have
a personal development plan that identifies any areas where additional skills
or knowledge is required, and state what the employee should do to develop
these skills or acquire knowledge to be able to do the given tasks. All
objectives given by the employee need to be SMART. This makes it easier to
identify and assess how the employee has performed against the objective.
Quality address how well the work is performed and how accurate or effective is
the final product. Timeliness addresses how quickly or when a certain piece of
work is produced. Timeliness standards should be set in a realistic measure.
Cost effectiveness is another performance standards that is widely used for
team members, ensuring aspects of performance such as maintaining or reducing
unit costs or reducing the time it takes to produce a product or service.



Measuring performance
against agreed standards

At Islamic Relief and especially in the Middle East
fundraising team the line manager use’s key performance indicators (KPIs) to
measure performance against agreed standards. A KPI is a quantifiable measure
that an organisation use to determine and evaluate their success reaching
targets. KPIs can be represented in numerical format (quantitative), being able
to put into practice to implement desired change (actionable) and practical by
being able to integrate with current business processes. To effectively measure
performance you have to agree what you are measuring. The objectives that are
set need to be monitored because monitoring performance is all about gathering
examples and samples of the employee’s work for comparison against the
performance objectives or standards you have agreed. Once the KPIs are set, in
the next formal performance assessment the line manager will see whether the
KPIs have been met, partially met or not met at all.

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Understand the value
of feedback in the workplace

The importance of
feedback to improve performance

Feedback is crucial and is an important tool to any business
and managers. When feedback is about performance, it is a way of communicating
how an employee is performing not only a day to day basis but even over a
period of time. Feedback should include positive as well as negative. The big
concern lies when there is no feedback. Feedback should be given on a regular
basis including regular communication between managers and their employees as
it makes the employee feel appreciated and valued, that they are doing a good
job and more importantly, their line manager has noticed their hard work.

Feedback is important because it keeps employees focused and
motivated. It gives the line manager the opportunity to identify strengths and
weaknesses, it builds the working relationship amongst the two, the line
manager will have a sense of appreciation and inform the employee of areas for
their improvement and it generates a culture for improving job performance and
identify potential conflicts. Feedback is an excellent management tool, very
powerful and most used in today’s management. Its gives line managers and
employees opportunity to communicate effectively and a chance to know how line
managers perceive their performance. In my previous role I struggled a lot with
my manager, we hardly used to meet or discuss my performance. I always
submitted my work on time but did not receive any feedback at all. I lost
motivation to continue as my work was not valued nor appreciated. Currently now
I am working at Islamic Relief where I had many appraisals, one-to-one
meetings, quarterly, bi-annual and annual meetings. During the meetings all
staff were appraised, everyone had the opportunity to speak out about their
work, about the performance of their line manager and it felt worthy of working
even harder. 

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