An Introduction to the Sociology of Law,

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Introduction to the Sociology of Law, begins to explain the fundamental
importance of the “social dimensions to law” that we are likely to misinterpret
or dismiss completely if we only understand law as it is written. Sutton uses
the case of Rogers vs American Airlines
as an example of how legal cases often can be obliterated due to the fact that
it follows written law, but is still socially undermining. This chapter also
goes on to explain that law is not a “moral vision” but is it rather seen as a
game. It a game that is not often won by the person who perceives a deeper set
of morals, but rather a person who uses the rules in their favor to contract a
winning argument. In a sense, the winner is determined by those who have better
tactics or strategies when it comes to play, yet using their strategies in a
fair manner. I agree with Sutton on this idea to an extent. Law is a game that
needs to be played wisely. However, I believe that how each player performs is
a strong reflection of their moral viewpoints.

legal system is relevant because of a certain set of rules that were once
established and put into practice for modern-day use. Sutton goes on to explain
the importance of roles and hierarchy that each position is obligated to abide
by. Hierarchy is considered a great importance because different roles require
a different sense of authority. As Sutton states, “law acting as a behavior
system is governed by rules,” giving the implication that certain legal roles
are required to take a stance due to a previous statute.  This could be tied into the concept given that
“law is an institution,” meaning it has a controlling factor that contains a “recipe for legal behaviors.” As the
chapter continues, it goes on to state the different sociological approaches to
law and why this system is the way it is. It is said that law takes into
account different approaches in order to find the underlying issue and is more
“descriptive and explanatory” in nature. A sociological view on law stresses
the importance of using critical thinking as an explanation of what is lawfully
correct. In summary, sociology of law is a strategic way of interpreting what
is written in the books in an exploratory way and using it to further address
the concept given at hand. 

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