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An interview done with Tim Grove, an acting chief of
education at the National Air and Space Museum, mentions that he loves
researching. He loves applying the research and seeing people learn (AHA, 2009).
This serves people an understanding on how society functioned, expose them to
experiences in other times and places, and gives them a chance to reconstruct
the future. History influences people to test their moral sense and provide
inspiration to continue to make changes on issues that haven’t been resolved
over the decades. History also provides us with facts about families, groups,
countries, and culture.  Tim Grove states
that one of his favorite historical era is the civil war (AHA, 2009). After the
civil war, states sought to reconstruct society by protecting legal rights of
the freed black population. After freedom, African Americans we’re brutally
segregated. The Fourteenth Amendment address the issues of equal protection and
due process under the law and was adopted on July 9, 1868. United States V.
City of Ferguson case opened on Wednesday, September 3, 2014. The Ferguson
Police Department (FPD) was under investigation for violations of the Constitution.
“Ferguson law enforcement officials conduct stops, searches, and arrests
without legal justification, in violation of the Fourth Amendment; use
excessive force, in violation of the Fourth Amendment; interfere with the right
to free expression, in violation of the First Amendment; prosecute and resolve
municipal charges in a manner that violates due process and equal protection
guarantees of the Fourteenth Amendment; and discriminate against African
Americans in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment and federal statutory law” (
The United States Department of Justice, 2016). This case opens back up a time
in history were the United States was supposed to progress.  History can help asses evidence, conflicting
interpretations, and past examples of change. Comparing the past to relevant
examples can help figure out the main factor of the probable cause. Educating yourself
about the impact of oppression and applying historical habits can result in change
for the present and future. 

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