America’s After the Iraq war, much of the

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America’s top priority
became making the country safe. In relation to this, it affected other
countries such as France; they are considering new laws e.g. a ban on
publishing material that glorifies terrorism. In the UK, David Cameron said
that if he gets re-elected he would pursue new authorities for surveillance of
electronic devices to make sure there’s no chance of terror-related activities. In Canada, the government is considering
defining new counterterrorism powers as a response to the lone wolf attack by
Islamic state supporters (Berger et al., 2017).

President Trump is
destabilizing the world with the rise of anti-Islam and the major thing no one
had the guts to do, he recognized
Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This created a massive uproar throughout
the world North Korea said Trump’s decision shows “the true colours of the US” (Kirby, 2017) and the
consequences to this will be clear. People have said including Islamist groups
that President Trump has “opened the gates of hell” (Kirby, 2017). 


The second way the world
has changed since 9/11 is the rise of Islamic
state. During the Iraq war, Al- Qaeda
was going back and forth between Syria and Iraq so their contacts grew. According
to an article from ‘theweek’, once Assad
started gassing his own people, Al- Qaeda
found a reason to stay and changed their name to ISIS. ISIS has managed to gain
attention through viral videos on the internet e.g. they would film people
being burned alive or being shot. This scared the public and made ISIS more
dominant, ISIS was prominent in Iraq and Syria and felt empowered by seeing
people afraid. After the Iraq war, much of the weapons the army used ended up with
ISIS as the Iraqi army was unprepared, most of the army became a part of ISIS.

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America’s reaction to
9/11 showed their strength. The economy got weak, the government was sent underground
and the country was scared. Nevertheless, they put this fear aside, started
coming out and re-opened the markets, the economy was under recovery and got
back to their daily lives. A united Congress
underwrote a new campaign against terror (Martin, 2004: 15). America was always the country that was portrayed as undefeatable and
indestructible, yet, 9/11 broke this image. However, it also demonstrated power
as a country. After 9/11, America got more allies. In 1990, America’s main ally
was NATO, now it’s grown far-out to include members of the Warsaw Pact. India offered America basing, overflight
rights and cooperation. Pakistan made the decision to join the American camp
(Martin, 2004: 15).

America also took strict
security actions mainly at public places. About 200,000 people were deported
between 1999 and 2001. In the first two years of the Obama Administration (2009
– 2010), nearly 400,000 people got deported (Green, 2017). Nearly half of these
people were convicted of a criminal offense. Airport security is still a problem
today, the majority of Muslims that go to
America are interviewed about why they
are here. The American government hasn’t
spent this much money on national security since the Korean War.

The third way the world
has changed since 9/11 is the rise of Islamophobia. An article from soundvision (2017) says that Muslims have been
subjected to a rough interrogation process. Scholars have said that around
200,000 to 500,000 Muslims have been affected. Over 18,000 Muslims have been
deported and more than 15,000 Muslims have been detained or arrested. The article
has also said that when it comes to employment, Muslims are the last to be
hired and the first to be fired. Around 75% of Muslim Americans know someone
who has experienced an act of anti-Muslim discrimination, verbal abuse or
physical attack since 9/11 (, 2017). Statistics from the FBI
show that before 2001 there weren’t many hate crimes towards Muslims but in and
after 2001, the number of hate crimes rose from 28 to 481 (Public Radio
International, 2017).

Islamophobia is rising not
only in America but also in other countries such as the UK and France. It was
given more attention after the Bombing attack in Manchester, as a reaction,
people started breaking windows at mosque’s, there were cases of arson,
physical assaults, and damage to cars (Mail
Online, 2017). In France after the
attacks in 2015, Islamophobia started rising. An article on Jacobinmag said:

“Mosques have been
violently ransacked by the police. Worshippers are humiliated and degraded,
including through the use of police dogs. Around twenty mosques have been
closed, and more will soon be shuttered”.

The leader of the far
right in France ‘Marine Le Pen’ has expressed her feelings towards Muslims. An
article on the BBC said:

“She proposed to
“expel foreigners who preach hatred on our soil” and to strip
dual-nationality Muslims with extremist views of their French citizenship”.

As we can see it’s not
solely America reacting badly to Muslims, other parts of the world are too.

The refugee crisis in
Syria started in 2011, Aljazeera news says that it initially started due to
lack of freedom which then turned to protests that took a sharp turn, foreign
backing played a large role in the war too. An international coalition led by
the U.S. bombed targets of the Islamic State (, 2017). The crisis
is affecting the whole world; tourism is decreasing in Europe, with the fear of
terrorists (usnewscom, 2017). It is economically affecting the
world, e.g. migrants are ready to work, they will take the job opportunities of
the current residents of the country and can help by raising overall birth
rates (TheBlaze, 2017). 

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